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Bladder Cancer Prevention   

Some types of cancer are very difficult to be prevented; however, there are steps you can take to prevent bladder cancer: 

Lifestyle - to reduce your risk of developing bladder cancer, stop smoking and regular use of analgesics; they are two most sure methods to reduce the risk of developing cancer of the bladder.  

Diet -you need to eat a lot of fruits and cruciferous vegetables daily. Drinkingplenty of fluids daily is also important.   

Early detection: an early detection is useful in order to prevent complications and increase your chance of complete recovery. Therefore, if you notice blood in your urine, it is important that you see your urologist without delay.  

If your occupation exposes you regularly to toxic substances that may lead to cancer of the bladder, consult your urologist regularly to detect possible tumors at an early stage.  

Recurrence Prevention – bladder cancer has a tendency to recur. If you have been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder it is important to have regular medical checkups for the rest of your life to detect recurrence as early as possible.  

If you have been operated for invasive bladder cancer, it is necessary that you regularly check the opening of the artificial diversion; ask your health care provider for more information. If you wear an artificial bladder, learn to urinate and do regular blood tests to determine if your kidneys function normally.  


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