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Cervical Cancer Symptoms 

In early stage of the disease, cervical cancer may produce no symptoms. The tumor develops by stages over a period of 5 to 15 years. Meanwhile, the cancerous cells continue to multiply in your cervix. As the cancer worsens, you may experience:  

  • vaginal discharge  
  • vaginal bleeding 
  • vaginal mass (rare) 
  • moderate pain during sexual intercourse   

If you have an advanced cervical cancer, you may also experience: 

·         fatigue 

·         pelvic pain 

·         back pain 

·         leg pain 

·         loss of appetite 

·         urine incontinence 

·         swollen leg (usually one) 

·         unreasonable weight loss 

·         pain during intercourse  

·         heavy vaginal bleeding after intercourse 


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