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Uterine Cancer Stages   

After confirming the diagnosis, a series of tests will be done to determine the stage of the cancer. In general, the stages of uterine cancer include:  

  • Stage I – the cancer is localized only in the uterus; it has not spread.  
  • Stage II – the cancer has affected both your uterus and cervix, but has not crossed the Pelvis.  
  • Stage III – at stage 3, the cancer has spread outside the uterus to reach other organs such as lymph nodes housed in the lower abdomen (pelvis), but has localized in the pelvic area.  
  • Stage IV - Stage IV is the most advanced stage of uterine cancer; the cancer has spread to the upper abdomen and may affect the bladder, rectum or other remote parts of your organism.  
  • Recurrent – a cancer that has returned after treatment is considered as a recurrent cancer. In general, recurrent uterine cancers are more difficult to be treated. 


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