Basal Cell Carcinoma Symptoms

Basal cell carcinoma manifests most often in the form of a white bump or a scaly, brown or flesh-colored patch that develops on the surface of the skin. Unlike other ordinary skin lesion, the ulcer does not heal and tend to repeatedly bleed. In nearly 8O% of basal cell carcinoma, the lesion develops in sun-exposed regions of the body: head and neck, especially on the inner corner near eye, nasolabial fold, forehead, temples, scalp or/and the upper front of the body.However, in severe cases, the tumor may be located on other areas of the body like the mouth or genitals.

In the genesis of basal cell carcinoma, the tumor(lump or bump) can be confused with other common sores of the skin. You can neglect it or treat it with home remedies as an insignificant disease. As the lump starts bleeding or taking forms, you will feel concerned and seek doctor advice.

Skin cancer is a very common disease, see your doctor if you see a flesh-colored patch or waxy bump on your sun-exposed areas of your body. In any case, beware of a patch or lump that persists and changes shape or/and color. In addition, see your dermatologist if you have a sore that takes longer than normal to heal.


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