Bone Cancer Causes

Most of the times, bone cancer begins in one bone of your skeleton. Your skeleton provides the frame of your body and protects your internal organs: lungs, liver, pancreas, etc. To accomplish this crucial task, the bones are linked together by joints, which are linked together by ligaments.The bones are all composed of osseous cells, nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue and minerals. Within the majority of bone is bone marrow, which has the role to produce blood cells. Bone cancer occurs when there is an abnormal cellular development or a hierarchical proliferation of some osseous cells leading to malignancy.

Bone cancer can be primary or secondary. Primary bone cancer develops and localizes directly in at least one of the bones of the skeleton. Secondary bone cancer (also called metastatic cancer), however, is a cancer that spread by metastasis to a bone from other organs: prostate, kidney, breast, thyroid, etc.


Types Of Bone Cancer                                                          Risk Factors

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