Bone Cancer Prevention

To reduce your risk of developing bone cancer and other cancers, adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet is very important. In addition, you need to avoid environmental factors that may contribute to the development of the disease. Some risk of cancer such as age and family history cannot be avoided. However, certain risk factors such as smoking, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and heavy alcohol consumption can be completely eliminated.

Besides bone cancer, the following preventives measures can help you prevent and fight all types of cancer and many other life threatening diseases:

  • do not smoke
  • avoid brokenor crushed Spirit; it affects the health your bone 
  • daily, eat a diet rich in fruits, cruciferous vegetables
  • eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • exercise regularly
  • limit your intake of alcohol;
  • R educe your exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or artificial tanning devices, such as tanning beds.

        Survival Rates 

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