Bryan Murray Cancer is at Stage IV, and there is no Effective Treatment

Last Thursday during an interview with TSN, Bryan Murray, the general manager of the Ottawa Senators, has just revealed that he is fighting a stage 4 colon cancer. The tumor is so advanced that there is no effective conventional treatment for it.

Murray announced a few months ago, July 7, that he was undergoing treatment for cancer, but he did not give details to publicly reveal the severity of the disease. However, yesterday, heexplained everything to the public. His cancer is in stage 4 and metastasized; this means that the tumor has spread to another organs: metastases to the lungs and liver.

“There is no cure for me”, told Murray to a Montreal journalist,Michael Farber, on The Sports Network (TSN), a Canadian English language sports specialty media. Murray explained that he had been diagnosed with the cancer June 23, but his doctorsaid he has probably been suffering from the disease for several years. It seems the cancer has been developing in Murray for about 10 years.

“The doctor told me clearly that I had cancer. I had colon cancer which has affected my liver andlungs. I was also told that the tumor is very serious and that I should immediately begin a treatment…” This is important to increase his survival chance. And since this is a stage IV cancer which has spread into his body, special treatment and support are necessary to prolong his life. Bryan Murray cancer is another clear reason for an urgent need for a cure for cancer.

Since he announced his position this summer, Murray took advantage of his position as CEOSenators to raise money for cancer research. He also admitted to suffering from depression due to his health. This is the case of most cancer patients, suffering from the depression after the cancer diagnosis. After all, who would like to hear, “I am sorry; you have cancer” from his health care provider? Please visit our Psychological Effects section for information and support.

“It’s a fight, there is no doubt, said Murray. It’s full of emotions. There are many days when I’m depressed. I try not to have to. There are also good days and I am trying to have more.”

Prevention methods 

Let the “Bryan Murray cancer” gives us more courage to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer. It is not easy to prevent cancer lately, given pathogens are everywhere. But these steps can help you not only prevent colorectal cancer but also most other types of cancer:

  • Eliminate in your diet all foods that can lead to the development of colorectal cancer: red meat, grilled sausage, smoked ham, salami and sausages, etc.
  • Quit smoking if you are smoker; smoking is the source of a variety of diseases including colorectal cancer
  • exercise regularly, about 5 days a week, at least 30-45 minutes per day at least
  • Avoid alcohol consumption; heavy drinking increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer
  • Take vitamin D supplement, mainly in autumn and winter. If you are elderly or rarely expose to the sun, you can take vitamin D during all seasons;
  • Eat plenty of non-GMO fruits and cruciferous vegetables; these foods are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that keep not only your digestive tract healthy but also your whole body. It is shown in many studies that fruits and vegetables when consumed regularly and in great quantity, have beneficial effects in preventing and fighting against almost all types of cancer.

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