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We are glad you are visiting and trying to contact us. If you feel unwell or sick, please see a doctor or healthcare professional that can assess your condition.

While we are willing to help every single visitor, there are certain things cannot do, including but not limited to:


Answer personal requests for consultation

Provide information for a personal medical condition

Give medical advice on treatment or cure for any disease;

Sell professional services or products.


Looking for more Information 


If you are looking for information that you cannot find on, you can take the following steps:

Use our search box at the top

Visit any of our sponsors, provided by our Advertisement Team or Google, that offer the product or information you are looking for.


If you are still unable to find information relevant to your need, you can contact us. Visitors can request via email to write about a medical condition in general term. Although we have a toll-free number listed, we don’t answer questions or provide medical information on the phone.


Health Problem 


As mentioned above, if you want to talk about a health problem in general term, you can send us your comments and suggestions on the topic using the email or form below.

We do our best to read all messages, but we cannot answer them all personally. It may take up to 30 days before we reply to your inquiry; please be patient.


Technical Problem 


Thank you very much to report technical problems encountered on Complete the form below or email us by indicating the type of problem you are experiencing, as well as the name and version of the browser you are using (Mozilla for instance) to allow us to verify the issue.


Link Exchange 


To make a request for exchanging links with, please send us your domain name and URL (where you will add our website), along with the Title, URL (which will redirect to your website), and a short description of your website. We exchange links with websites PR 3 or higher.