Eight to Ten YearsLife Reduction forSmokers

It is known all over the world that smoking tobacco is very damaging to health. From cardiovascular diseases to malignant tumors (mostly lung cancer), smoking is one of the major causes of death. But in recent years, new studies have shown that tobacco may also reduce life expectancy by eight (8) to ten (10) years even in people who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

A study conducted by the Belgian Scientific Institute of Public Health compared the life expectancy of smokers, former smokers, and non-smokers. At the end of the study, they realized smokingreduces the life: at least eight years for smokers and about two and a half years for those who were able to stop. However, the researchers said that “quitting early offers greater benefits in terms of health are significant.”

To reach this conclusion, the researchers compared the deaths of smokers and non-smoking populations occurring between 1997 and 2011. France now has about 16 million smokers, which represents 32% of the population; Canada has nearly 5 million, 16% of the population. More premature deaths have occurred among the smokers than the non-smokers. However, it is honest to say that there is a steadily declining in smoking in these countries, but the percentage is still high.

Painful Aging and Death 

The study is not limited to the comparison of life expectancy only. The scientists also compared the quality of life and the health problems of different profiles. Not surprisingly, the results indicate that smokers have a more difficult end of life than non-smokers. They would live on average six years less healthy than nonsmokers, against three more years among those who have made the decision to quit. A tangible evidence for all smokers to quit smoking right now, and never come back to the practice. .

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