Fallopian Tube Cancer Risk Factors

Risk factors of fallopian tube cancer are not well known, however, sex, age, race, pelvic inflammatory disease, and certain chronic diseases such as TB are etiological factors suspected in the development of the tumor. In addition, fallopian cancer is sometimes found in patients that have a history of infertility. Other risk factors include:

  • Age – cancer of the fallopian tubes is rare; it affects mostly women aged 60-79.
  • Race – the highest incidence of fallopian tube cancer is found in white, non-Hispanic women.
  • Menopause – although fallopian tube cancer can affect younger women, it is more common among post menopause women.
  •  Personal / family history – a factor likely to develop the fallopian tube cancer is a history of ovarian cancer in your immediate family; this risk is even higher if you have a personal history of cancer the ovary (ovarian cancer).
  • Genetic –several new studies have shown that mutation in a human gene called BRCA1can be associated with a significant increase in the risk of breast cancer, as well as other cancers such as fallopian tube cancer.

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