Fallopian Tube Cancer Stages

Once the presence of the cancer is confirmed in your tube, your physician will determine its stage. Determining the stage of the cancer helps him to choose the treatment most appropriate and effective to fight the tumor. In general, the stage of fallopian tube cancer is determined by the size of the tumor and degree of the cells to spread within your body. Sometimes, to accurately stage a fallopian tube cancer, additional testing may be necessary.

The fallopian tube cancer stages include:

  • Carcinoma in situ – the cancer is limited to the tubal mucosa.
  • Stage I – at this early stage, the cancer is limited to the fallopian tubes
  • Stage II – at this stage, the cancer has reached to one or both fallopian tubes, and has slightly spread to the pelvis
  • Stage III – at Stage III, the cancer has affected one or both fallopian tubes, and has spread outside the pelvis
  • Stage IV – the cancer has reached one or both fallopian tubes, outside the pelvis, and spread to distant organs such pleura, peripheral lymph nodes, lungs or/and skin.
  • Recurrent – a fallopian tube cancer that has returned after treatment is considered as a recurrent cancer. In general, recurrent cancers are more difficult to be treated; the survival chance is lower.

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