Latest Cancer News


Debbie Rowe, Former Michael Jackson’s Wife Diagnosed with Breast Cancer


Metformin, An Antiaging Drug, To Live Up To 120 Years

Metformin anti aging trial will be available this coming winter of 2016. A new study by Buck Institute has discovered this new anti aging drug…


Polio Vaccine May Link To Cancer, Paralysis and Death

Deaths caused by polio vaccine over several decades is not known but CDC has admitted that 98 million Americans have been infected with polio vaccines that cause brain cancer, bone cancer, mesothelioma…


New Discovery on Saw Palmetto and Enlarged Prostate

Discover what new studies have revealed on the saw palmetto benefits in fighting BPH, as well as other prostate problems.


Ensure and Boost Can Be Harmful to Cancer Patients

Ensure and Boost drinks are often recommended to cancer patients, but these two have some ingredients which can be harmful according to several studies.


Cell Phones and Cancer Risk: Get the Latest Facts

Cell Phones and Cancer Risk has been debated for over a decade. Discover myths and facts, according to a recent study.


Lorena Rojas Has Died of Breast and Liver Cancer

Lorena Rojas cancer has caused her death at the age of 44; she was young, loved and admired by family, as well as colleagues and fans all over the world…


Herpes Virus as Pancreatic Cancer Treatment?

New Pancreatic Cancer Treatment made with Herpes Virus attacks and kills pancreatic cancer cells without harming the health cells. Discover how you or loved one can profit from this new treatment option


Using eReader, Tablet, Laptop, Smartphone Can Cause Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer

Prolonged or regular use of eReader, laptop, smartphone at bedtime can cause breast cancer, prostate cancer and other serious health problems. new study has revealed.


Cancer Causing Chemical, Triclosan, Found in Colgate Total

A chemical used in Colgate Total called Triclosan causes cancer, miscarriage, as well as neurological damage. Triclosan is also found in acne products, first aid products, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, lotion…


Scientists Have Discovered an Effective Way to Prevent Cancer

Cancer prevention is far better than cancer treatment, as they say. Discover how you can a life free of cancer by taking these simple steps.


Dr. Oz Recommendations Are Misleading and Scientifically Wrong, According to New Studies

The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors are misleading viewers with false health recommendation which as no scientifically evidence, studies show. Conflicts of interest were also among the…


The End of Cancer for 2030

Cancer causes a lot of debates, and billions are spent every years for a cure. Finally a cancer specialist has predicted the end of cancer for 2030. Get the details!


Prevent Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer by Eating This Nut

Eating walnuts (or the walnut oil) daily helps to prevent Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer as long as diabetes, heart disease memory decline and most importantly…


Oldest Case of Cancer Has Been Discovered

Cancer has been around since antiquity, new discovery reveals. A group of researchers has discovered what seems to be the oldest cancer case in world history


Bryan Murray Cancer is at Stage IV, and there is no Effective Treatment

Bryan Murray cancer is terminal and very aggressive. Discover steps you can take to prevent cancer… and what Bryan Murray had to say about his colon cancer during his last interview


The Simpsons Creator, Sam Simon, is dying with cancer but decides to give $ 100 million to…

The Simpsons creator, Sam Simon, is dying from terminal cancer. Learn about his last interview, latest words, and who he will leave his fortune, $ 100 million, for…


New Cancer Treatment, with fewer Side Effects, finally available

New Cancer Treatment, which allows health professionals to not only better treat cancer but also considerably reduce side effects in the patients, is finally available.


New Blood Test To Detect Cancer Years Before It can Be Seen on Scan

Lung Cancer can now be detected up to 5 years before It can Be Seen on Scan through a simple blood Test.  Finally, this can allow to completely curing lung cancer


Colon Cancer rates are increasing- Learn how to prevent it

Colon cancer is increasing at alarming rates. Discover the conventional and alternative steps you can take to prevent or reverse colorectal cancer


Reduce Your Prostate Cancer Risk by Having More Sex   

The more sex a man has the more decrease his risk of developing prostate cancer, according to results of a study published in the  Journal of  Cancer Epidemiology  .


Pink October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a popular movement to stop the diease from causing more death all over the world. Discover all programs in this October Breast Cancer Awareness


Your Sitting Position Can Affect Your Libido

Libido, a healthy one, plays a major role in all relationship. But do you know your Sitting Position can affect your libido?


New Breast Cancer Drug Extends Lives Unprecedentedly

New breast cancer treatment has appeared on the market with good results as never before, experts say.


Vitamin D Can Be the Best Cancer Prevention, Studies reveal 

Cancer prevention is the wisest means to enjoy a life free of this fetal disease; there is no doubt. But do you know Vitamin D can reduce your risk of cancer by up to 50%?


Enjoy Meat Now To Develop Cancer Later?

Grilled meat is one of the most common causes of cancer of the esophagus and pancreas, announced the doctors of the Vancouver General Hospital in a scientific conference held recently in…


Prostate Cancer Awareness

Prostate cancer awareness in order to keep men all over the world focus on the disease and inform the public of this latest Prostate Cancer treatment and…