Lorena Rojas Dies of Breast and Liver Cancer

Lorena Rojas died of cancer at the age of 44. She was young. The news of her death has caused a lot of sadness in the heart of her family, as well as among her colleagues and fans all over the world. She was very admired and loved in the cinema world. Clearly, she will be missed.

Lorena Rojas was a Mexican actress and singer, born Seydi Lorena Rojas Gonzalez, February 10, 1971. Her first step in acting career began in 1990 when she participated in “Alcanzar Una Estrella” produced by the Grupo Televisa, S.A.B., a Mexican multimedia company. The first attempt was a success. She then continued to record other movies such as “Alcanzar Una Estrella II” (1991), and then “Buscando El Paraiso”, “Bajo Un Mismo Rostro”, and “El Alma No Tiene Color”, in the following year.

It has been aboutt 7 years (in 2008) since Lorena Rojas was diagnosed with breast cancer; the tumor was found in her right breast. She underwent different types oftreatments (conventional and alternative) to fight against the disease. After the therapies, she was good enough to participate in other sequels: “Entre el amor y el deseo”(Between Love and Desire) in 2010and “Rosario in 2013.

Unfortunately, her efforts to completely overcome the tumor were not sufficient. The cancer spread into her liver, making survival even more difficult. But she he was not intimidated by the progression of the disease and its impact of the symptoms on her life. She was appointed ambassador to theLivestrong Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides support for people affected by cancer. In spite of her courage, sadly, Lorena Rojas lost the battle against the cancer in February 17 (2015) inher home in Miami,after a 7-year fight . She died very young.

Lorena Rojas was talented and loved. Her career as actress lasted more than two decades, 25 years.Her international success on the television screen reached more than 15 countries. She performed with many great intentional actors such as Andres Garcia and Mario Cimarro. She was rewarded byAntena 3, Nova channel, and others. Her last acting was in a Venezuelan television series, produced by Venevisión International, called Demente Criminal (Criminal Mastermind).  


Lorena Rojas also a singer-songwriter. Her discography include “Como Yo No Hay Ninguna” (2001), “Deseo” (2006) and “Hijos del sol” (2014).

Billions of dollars spent every in research to cure cancer; but so far, no sign of real cure in the horizon. Very talented people from all races and background lose their life of the disease. Fans ofLorena Rojas hope her death will bring more awareness among scientists to really find an effective cancer treatment.

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