Louise McSharry, the 31-year-old broadcaster, has cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma)

Louise McSharry is struggling with cancer. It’s not good news for the fans, but it happens in life: you get sick and then heal. We hope she will be completely recovered from the disease. In a public statement,Louise announced that she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. To receive the necessary care, she will be out of the air for some months. It is said she will undergo chemotherapy to fight the tumor.

In a touching interview with Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ 2fm’sissued Wednesday, 27 August (2014), McSharry said she did not feel well for a number of months. She continued to work, but she feels her health is deteriorating more and more. After she underwent an appendectomy last December, she had developed an abscess which disappears shortly.

However, she then began to experience night sweats and loss of appetite associated with pain. The pain was so significant that she had to see her doctor who recommended physical examination and blood tests which revealed that her CRP figure (C-reactive protein) was very high, but several otherdiagnostic procedures had not yet to perform to detect and confirm the malignant tumor.

While covering for Tubridy on his RTÉ 2fm show this summer, Louise started to experience a “terrible pain” in his side. She saw her doctor who performed various medical tests and discovered that she had swollen lymph nodes. Her health care provider recommended a biopsy which later revealed the presence of cancerous cells in her body.  This is not a news people want to ever hear from a health care provider; but it happens sometimes.

August 20, accompanied by her fiancé and his adviser to know about the results of the biopsy, McSharry received the news of her cancer, specifically lymphoma. She said that after receiving more information about the treatment she knows “it is not necessary to go to that dark place.” “I’m really lucky,” she said, “because of Hodgkin’s disease is an incurable cancer.”  “I really have no doubt that I will be well,” she added.

People die with cancer, people heal from it. We really hope that Louise McSharry is one of the winners. In this crucial moment, she needs the support and prayer of everyone. From natural alternatives (cannabis oil for instance) to conventional approaches, there are plenty of tools Louise McSharry can use to come out victorious of the cancer. Let her make the wise decision!

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