Lung Cancer Prognosis

A delayed lung cancer diagnosis offers less survival chance. Lung cancer tends to kill its victims very quickly; less than 14% of people survive the disease five years after diagnosis. However, the prognosis varies depending on the stage of the cancer:

  • Stage 1 – If the tumor is detected at early stage, you have approximately 80% chance to survive at least 5 years after diagnosis.
  • Stage 2 – at stage 2, the cancer has a more life threatening characteristic; your 5 year survival chance decreases. Therefore, if you have stage 2 lung cancer, you have approximately 50% chance to survive 5 years after diagnosis.
  • Stage 3 – Your prognosis is less at stage 3; the tumor is larger and often metastatic. Your risk of dying before five years from the date of diagnosis is up to 70%.
  • Stage 4 – stage 4 indicates a very advanced lung cancer; the tumor presents severe complications and tends to metastasize to other parts of the lungs and other organs: bones, brain, liver, etc. If you fall into this group, you have 5% chance or less to live 5 years after diagnosis.  In fact, most victims die months following the diagnosis.

Note: Cancer prognosis is a matter of statistics, you are not condemned to suffer the same fate. You are unique, and you have a large role to play in your recovery. Lots of cancer patients not only survive but also completely recover from lung cancer after being given a few months to live. Be a winner! Be among that small group.

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