Lung Cancer Symptoms

At the begining, lung cancer may be completely asymptomatic for years; its damages in the lung tissue, however, continue. Most people affected by lung cancer experience symptoms when the disease gains complete control of their lungs. Whether it is in its early stage or already advanced, lung cancer is often accompanied with these symptoms:

  • chest pain
  • wheezing or shortness of breath
  • difficulty or painful breathing
  • bronchitis or recurrent pneumonia
  • permanent swelling of the neck and face
  • persistent cough accompanied with coughing up blood
  • harsh, raspy, or strained voice (hoarseness).

Some people may also experience these symptoms:

  • loss of weight
  • decreased appetite
  • chronic fatigue
  • prolonged fever
  • headaches
  • nervous disorders associated with mental confusion
  • bad breath.

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