Lymphoma Survival Rates

Prognosis depends on the type of lymphoma and clinical stage of the tumor. In general, diagnosed and treated early, lymphoma has a good prognosis. In the US, the overall 5-year relative survival rate for lymphoma is about 69%. During the period of 1999-2005, five-year relative survival rates by race and sex were:

  • 69.0% for white men;
  • 72.6% for white women;
  • 58.4% for black men;
  • 68.6% for black women.

During treatment, you will be reviewed regularly by your oncologist or a medical team to monitor the side effects of the treatment. After treatment, you will be regularly monitored; in general consultation and tests performed vary depending on your condition. It is necessary to take care of any relapse or side effects to treatment before they become serious complications.

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