Male Breast Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

Male Breast Cancer Symptoms  

Male breast cancer symptoms most frequently observed are the presence of a painless mass near thenipple or nipple discharge. Men breasts contain less fat than women, which facilitates the detection ofany developing abnormal mass easier. However, since most men think breast cancer concerns women only or ignore its indication, they may ignore the warning signs and delay in seeking medical attention.

Male breast cancer symptoms can be insignificant at the beginning. However, since early detection iscrucial to the success of the treatment, it is important that men learn about their breasts and consulta health care professional if they detect the presence of the following symptoms:

  • lumps or thickening in the breast skin;
  • change in appearance or nipple discharge;
  • redness in the breast or nipple;
  • appearance of skin changes;
  • dimples or creases in the breast skin;
  • Swelling or pain in the breast or armpit.

Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The fact too often, in men, the discovery of breast cancer is made fortuitously; the diagnosis tends to occur by chance. However, the main tests are mammography, ultrasound and biopsy. This latter procedure is done to do an examination of tissue can be examined under a microscope to confirm the cancer and whether the malignant cells have at their surface hormone receptors or other features which may support the growth of the tumor, as in 90 % of cases.

Male Breast Cancer Treatment

Male breast cancer treatment is the same as for women with breast cancer. The patient usually undergoes surgery, mostly modified radical mastectomy, to remove the tumor; and another surgical procedure called lymphadenectomy, surgical removal of one or more groups of lymph nodes, to limit the risk of spread of the tumor. The sentinel lymph node is removed to look for cancer cells, biopsy. If hormone receptor is detected, an antihormonal therapy will be recommended to suppress the effects of hormones on the growth of the tumor.

There then a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be recommended in order to destroy anyremaining cancer cells in the breast or in distant tissues or organs (metastasis). Chemotherapy is considered male breast cancer treatment depending on the stage of the tumor and other factors. It may happen that the health care provider combines this treatment with antibody therapy, a form of immunotherapy which helps to stimulate the patient’s immune system to attack the cancer cells

Side Effects of the Treatment 

Male breast cancer treatment causes the same side effects as women: hair loss, fatigue, cramps, hot flashes…

Male Breast Cancer Causes, Risk Factors

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