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It is forbiden for industries to expose their workers to asbestos fibers. If, due to negligence of your your employer, you are not provided the necessary security you need in the worf place and you ended developing mesothelioma, it is important that you contact a lawyer to support you immediately; you will be rewarded according to law. Now days, authorities in many countries in the world have passed laws prohibiting the use of asbestos where it represents a threat to human being.

Mesothelioma attorneys can help you punish the people who make you become a victim of the disease.  They will help you collect large sums of money, allowing you to pay your bills and have a stable financial life for the rest of your life with the illness.

Always hire mesothelioma lawyers who are competent that can hear your case and help you determine the course of action to take. In countries like the United States, you can find manymesothelioma attorneys full of experiences that are ready to guide you step by step if you have been diagnosed with asbestos cancer or mesothelioma. You can contact one of our lawyers; they will sit down with you and help you get the compensation you deserve.

 Summarry Table

Causes  Symptoms  Prevention  Treatment 
Asbestos exposure and  inhalation



weight loss

chest wall pain

abdominal pain

Shortness of breath

wheezing, hoarseness,

chronic cough

Hemoptysis – spitting up of blood 

Pneumothorax – collapse of the lung

Pleural effusion – fluid surrounding the lung

Jaundice – yellowish discoloration of the skin and the eyes

Abdominal dropsy –an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity

Pain in the chest – due to an accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity


Avoid Asbestos exposure – including insulation, building materials and even clothing that may have it

Wear proper gear  to avoid asbestos inhalation if your work in old building or industries

Avoid the following: Extracting and weaving asbestos – working in shipbuilding, building insulation, etc.

If you were exposed to asbestos, stop smoking (if you are a smoker), and see your health care provider before feeling any symptom


Conventional Treatment 



Radiation therapy

Alternative treatment 

Eat a healthy diet, and avoid sugar, alcohol, pork meat, coffee, and chemical products.

Increase the following in your diet:  Vitamins C, B complex, A,E, Germanium, Beta glucan, magnesium, beta-carotene, Coq10, turmeric

Drink regularly juice made of garlic, onion and cruciferous vegetables: kale, collard greens, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, water, brussels sprout, etc.


     Mesothelioma Prevention

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