Metformin, An Antiaging Drug To Live Up To 120 Years

Metformin is an oral antidiabetic medication used mainly in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Its role is to decrease insulin resistance in the body intolerant to carbohydrate and decrease liver gluconeogenesis, metabolic process by which an organism produces sugars (namely glucose) for catabolic reactions from non-carbohydrate precursors. It is used in first-line treatment of type 2 diabetes, alone or in combination with other oral anti-diabetics.

But There is More… Metformin Is A Powerful Anti Aging Drug

This pill could extend life expectancy to 120 years, and it will soon be tested on humans.

According to a team of researchers from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, a biomedical research institute located in California dedicated to research on aging and age-related disease, the drug has already prolonged the life of laboratory mice to 40% and made their bones denser, which makes Metforminone of the best new anti aging drugs on the market.

Although this miracle pill is generally used for the treatment of diabetes, the scientists wanted to test whether it also had the ability to slow or counteract heart problems or degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. “If we can slow the aging process, all pathologies associated with aging will slow in stride,” said Gordon Lithgow, PhD. Professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Metformin Anti Aging Trial

For scientists, the ageing process is reversible, the continuous renewal of the body through the DNA chains in the cells being proven. Metformin appears able, in turn, to increase the oxygen molecules that penetrate into the cells. It is this phenomenon that allows to substantially increase longevity. Last year, a study conducted at the Cardiff University, UK, had already shown that the Drug prolonged the life of patients with diabetes.

Aging and Cancer


The researchers also believe targeting ageing will make the fight easier in combating cancer. The same researcher, Professor Lithgow, believes it may soon be possible for young people to be given a type of antiaging ‘vaccine’, which will have a big impact on curing cancer as well: “If we were to cure all cancers it would only raise life expectancy by around three years, because something else is coming behind the cancer, but if we could slow down the ageing process you could dramatically improve how long people can live.”

Metformin FDA Approval

The US Agency for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already given the green light to start testing Metformin, as a new antiaging drug, on humans this coming winter of 2016. To this end, scientists will recruit 3000 elderly from 70 to 90 years suffering from major diseases, or likely to develop. The tests should then take between five and seven years.

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