Miracle Gray Hair Cure?

Having gray hair cure on the market is the dream of people from the moment they have their first gray or white. Scientist to finally find a way to help people permanently keep their youthful hair color.

According to a recent study, hair is never gray. It is either white or colored black, brown, blonde, or else. When the two are mixed the hair gives a gray impression, thus people come to have gray hair. The main question is ‘how hair turns gray, and mostly important how to naturally reverse gray hair (which people called natural gray hair cure)?’

To answer this question it is important to shed some light on the nature of hair. Naturally, hair is made mostly of keratin, thehard fibrous substance that constitutes our nails, the surface of our skin and hooves of animals. The keratin in the hair is produced in the hair follicles, small bulbs planted on the surfaceof the scalp. These are special cells that produce keratinocytes, which means simply “keratin cells”, and represents about 90% of the cells of the epidermis.

Beside keratinocytes are cells that produce color pigment called melanin, which is derived from “Melanos” (meaning black in Greek) the fact that hair is black in most people.

And Hair Grow White… 

When melanin cells (melanocytes) are exhausted or die, grains of melanin in the hair are replaced with air bubbles and hair grows white. A colorful hair becomes not white, it grows white.

In most healthy people, the first white hair appears on average around 34 years. Sometimesmelanocytes (cells of the melanin that produce hair color) continue to function, but melanin producedis no longer transmitted to the cells responsible for assembling the hair. This interruption can be due to lifestyle, medical condition, unhealthy diet, and others.

White/Gray Hair Due to EmotionalDistress

Strong emotions such as fear and clinical stress can cause not only sudden gray hair but as well ashair loss. It is said that the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette suddenly turned white when she heard she was to be guillotined. This occurs following a violent emotional distress. The same problem was alsoobserved among some fighters in the World War II.

How to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally?

Having gray hair (white hair), although long considered as irreversible, may be reversed soon to allow people to get their hair color naturally without the need to dye or use chemicals. A group of Dutch, German and British researchers announced in May 2013 in the scientific journal “ The Faseb Journal” that they have discovered an enzyme that acts by reversing oxidative stress responsible forbleaching the hair. The use of the enzyme would be as effective against gray hair as the white spotson the skin called vitiligo, they said.

The research was conducted on 2411 patients with vitiligo. By restoring the levels of antioxidant enzymes, scientists have succeeded to pigment the skin and eyelashes of the participants. But the enzymes are not yet available to consumers. That is, In reality there is no “gray hair cure” products on the market yet, although many companies are working to be the first to launch their “permanent gray hair cure”.

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