Multiple Myeloma Risk Factors

The causes of this abnormal change leading to myeloma are not well known. Medical Researches, nevertheless, have detected several factors that may contribute to the development of these abnormalities in the plasma cells.

  • Age – myeloma is especially diagnosed in people over 50 years;
  • Sex – myeloma is more common among men than women;
  • Race – multiple myeloma is about twice higher among black Americans of African descent than racial groups;
  • Radiation exposure – you are at risk of myeloma if you are constantly exposed to high doses of radiation;
  • Family history of multiple myeloma – if you have a close relative suffering from myeloma, your risk is higher;
  • History of a monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) – according to the staff of Mayo Clinic, about 1% of MGUS patients in the United States develop multiple myeloma;
  • Obesity – excess fat in your body is a causative factor for all cancers including multiple myeloma.

Some researchers believe that exposure to certain chemicals used in agriculture and the oil industries can be possible causes of multiple myeloma. Although not yet confirmed, as far as you can, avoid exposure to these substances.

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