Pancreatic Cancer stages

Once the cancer is detected, your doctor will determine its stage. Most of the times, he will use the result of the biopsy associated with those of the imaging techniques to determine the stage of the cancer. In general, Pancreatic cancer develops in four stages:

  • Stage I – at this early stage, the tumor is confined to the pancreas; 
  • Stage II – the cancer has reached nearby tissues or organs of the pancreas; the cancer mayhave spread into the lymph nodes;  
  • Stage III – at stages 3, the cancer has affected blood vessels around the pancreas, and may have spread to the lymph nodes;
  • Stage IV – at this final stage, the cancer has spread into distant sites beyond the pancreas: liver, lungs, peritoneum, etc. Your chance to survive has decreased considerably.
  • Recurrent – the cancer has returned after treatment. In general, recurrent pancreatic cancer is more difficult to be treated.

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