People at Risk of Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma can affect people of any gender, race or medical history; however, you are more likely to have basal cell carcinoma, if you fall into one of these groups:


  • People who have white skin, blue or green eyes, and blond hair
  • Patients who have a history of melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma
  • People who have suffered a significant sun exposure for several years, especially in childhood
  • Patients who have been exposed to ionizing radiation or ultraviolet light for therapeutic or professional reasons
  • People who have been in contact with chemical preparations that include more than 5 percent of crude coal tar
  • People who received cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • People who have undergone immunosuppressive therapy   due certain medical reason such as heart or kidney transplant
  • People who have scars from severe burns
  • People who have many moles
  • People who have actinic keratosis – scaly or crusty bump that develops on the skin surface
  • people aged over 50 years
  • People living at high altitudes or near the South Pole such as Australia
  • People who work outdoors and are constantly exposed to sun rays: farmers, construction workers, etc.
  • People who have weakened immune systems such as HIV victims, cancer patients, and those who had organ transplant
  • People who work as welder, boilermaker or printer

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