Pink October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

One (1) in eight (8) women will be affected in her life by breast cancer, according to many statistics.However, detected at an early stage allows not only to cure the disease in almost 90% of cases but also be treated with less aggressive treatments; thus few side effects from the treatment. Yet the vast majority of women still are not regularly tested. The goal of the breast cancer awareness month is to help women better aware about breast cancer and to inform them of the existence of certain prevention program that are available to the general public. It is mainly necessary to continue mobilizing and informing women all over the world about steps to take to prevent the disease in the first place.

In the United States and many other countries in the world, many events are organized to support the work of associations aiming at finding a cure for breast cancer: wearing a pink ribbon, races and walks, adorned the Eiffel tower with pink ribbons, and others. However, despites all these programs and advances in treatment, breast cancer is still the number one cancer cases in women as well as the first cause of cancer death among women in developed countries.  The objective behind the breast cancer awareness month should be to stop the disease.

History of breast cancer awareness in USA 

In the United States, breast cancer awareness has been established about 30 years ago. Indeed, it was in 1983 that was organized the first Race for Cure, race against breast cancer in Dallas, Texas.But in 1985, a branch of the current pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, in partnership with the American Cancer Society launched the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). From the outset, the aim was to promote early screening, by the use of diagnostic imaging techniques such as mammograms, as the best weapon against breast cancer, while the pharmaceutical industry reaping the benefits of the costs of mammograms and care provided to patients.

This attitude persists until today. “Pink October” is only used to emphasize the need to get tested for treatment in case of a positive diagnosis; few voices are heard to discuss the real causes of breast cancer and raise awareness around a few rules of life for women to maintain their health or become healthy. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month movement is also important to teach women how to prevent the disease: eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in Non-GMO fruits and vegetables;avoid parabens, bisphenol A and benzene in consumer products; avoid aluminum salts in deodorants; exercise regularly; avoid consuming tobacco… for information, please visit breast cancer prevention.

Programs in the USA and elsewhere in the world…  

As in the USA, animations and health programs are organized to mobilize women around the world such as France, Canada, Japan, and others. Illuminated monuments, video advertising, distribution of pink ribbons and even small brochures are taken place in certain places. Prevention methods, including awareness on mammography check-up, are also advised in the workplace, in schools, among family and friends. Some churches also take a little time to talk about breast cancer and the importance of healthy lifestyle in keeping the disease away.

This year, the company Baker Hughes, one of the largest oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing companies in the world, has supported the Breast Cancer Awareness month program with a check of $100,000 made ​​to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the woman breast cancer foundationbehind the pink ribbons.

Meanwhile, breast cancer continues to kill innocent women all over the world.

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