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  • Everyday foods that cause cancer that most people ignore; you may be one of those individuals who eat today to be diagnosed with cancer tomorrow. Discover top 10 drinks and foods that cause cancer in humans and animals.

  • 5-FU is associated with possible side effects which can be quite severe. During the treatment, cancer patients should contact their physician immediately if they...

  • Discover top 7 cancer causing foods, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, you face every day without knowing... These cancer causing chemicals in tobacco are the leading cancer causes.

  • Scientists have developed a method to diagnose early 13 types of cancer by a simple blood test.

  • A New Cancer Treatment Method has been discovered by a group of researchers of University of Fribourg which induces the immune system to fight against cancer cells.

  • To learn more about cancereffects.com, please visit this page... Feel free to leave us your comment...

  • Aclasta, while can be effective, is associated with kidney damage and kidney failure. The risk is higher in patients who already have some kind of kidney dysfunction or...

  • Acute and Chronic Leukemia Treatment Options which includes hairy cell leukemia, childhood leukemia and all other types. Discover the latest update on acute biphenotypic leukemia and...

  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) symptoms, treatment and support you need to fight the disease. In addition, discover how you can prevent complicatioins by...

  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) latest update on its Symptoms, Causes, Treatment. Even if you have Acute myelogenous leukemia or acute myeloid leukemia, or rarely acute nonlymphocytic leukemia (ANLL)..,

  • Adriamycin indication, side effects and update - The drug is associated with several interactions, contraindications, and usage instructions that must be...

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  • AIDS-Related Cancers Treatment and supplort you need to cope with the disease. Fighting HIV/AIDS along with cancer can be... Find support you need now

  • Alimta may cause serious allergic reactions in some cancer patients. These side effects can be life-threatening in certain cases. See your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms...

  • Alkeran can cause serious issues with the blood, leading to decreased function of bone marrow which you vulnerable to any infections and... If you experience any trouble with See your physician immediately

  • Alternative Cancer Treatment options and other non-conventional methods, as well as Youtube videos of patients who use them

  • Marijuana, as Alternative Cancer Treatment, is getting more recognized by people all over the world. But does marijuana really effectly treat cancer? Discover the latest review...

  • Hydrogen Therapy, in Alternative cancer treatment, is used to kill bacteria, fungi as well as cancer cells. Discover what real patients are saying about it and...

  • Health benefits of radish are more amazing than previously thought. New study has shown radish has powerful anticancer properties and...

  • A new study has shown the amazing “Cauliflower Anti Cancer Properties”. This cruciferous vegetable not only helps prevent but also kill cancerous cells in breast cancer, prostate cancer...

  • A new research has revealed some amazing kohlrabi nutritional benefits in fighting cancer and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease

  • Anal cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates and prevention methods from cancereffects.com.

  • Anal cancer is due to genetic mutation of cells that line the cavity and surface of the anus. That is, you have anal cancer when healthy cells in your anal cavity turn into abnormal cells and multiply chaotically.

  • Metastatic anal cancer is rare, but possible; the cancer can spread to your liver and the lungs, and become life threatening. In general, if you have anal cancer your five-year survival rate is very low.

  • An anal Pap smear can help detect precancerous changes. If you have pain or chronic rectal bleeding, your doctor may recommend an examination of your anal canal. However, to confirm the diagnosis, the following tests will be performed

  • anal cancer incidence seems to be higher among women, people aged 60 years or older, and homosexuals affected by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In recent years, however, the incidence of anal cancer has increased.

  • Prevention of anal cancer consists of stopping smoking and all other measures capable to prevent HPV infections:

  • The most common risk factors of anal cancer include...

  • The staging test is not only important to have an idea of the severity of the tumor but also to determine the best treatment to use. Usually, anal cancer progresses in the following stages:

  • Prognosis of anal cancer depends on the initial stage of the tumor, your lifestyle and age. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), from 2002-2006...

  • the most Symptoms of anal cancer include....

  • Anal cancer can be effectively treated with surgery or a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. When diagnosed early, the cancer can be completely cured. However

  • Anastrozole may cause fetal harm to pregnant women and offers no clinical benefit to premenopausal women with breast cancer. In women with pre-existing, the drug may...

  • Anemia Caused by Chemotherapy: Anemia is the fact there is not enough red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. About 70% of cancer patients experience anemia during the treatment. The reason is because...

  • Angelina Jolie Preventive Cancer Surgery: Discover the true reasons behind the operation and its impacts on other women around the world.

  • "Blueberries cancer treatment" would be an arrogant claim from us, but denying the anticancer properties of the berry would be untruth. Discover AZ about blueberries and cancer...

  • Appendix Cancer treatment, support and latest update from medical professionals and organizations.

  • Laetrile Alternative Cancer treatment is very controversial. Discover the real truth from cancer patients who use apricot kernels, Vitamin B17 or amygdalin.

  • Apricot Seeds and Cancer Treatment has been a controversial topic for decades. What is the truth behind the fruit? Discover the latest info on apricot kernels cancer research

  • Ara - C can really you in your fight against cancer, but serious side may occur. See your oncologist immediately if you experience any of the following...

  • Aredia (Pamidronate Disodium) latest update and information - Renal toxicity has been associated with Aredia and other bisphosphonates. This manifests as deterioration of renal function that can possible lead to kidney failure.

  • Arimidex can be beneficial to certain cancer patients, but the drug has been linked to cardiovascular risk in women with preexisting ischemic heart disease (IHD). The medication may cause serious...

  • Aromasin is used in the adjuvant treatment of postmenopausal women who have an early stage hormone-sensitive breast cancer, and who received two to three years of tamoxifen. Aromasin is recommended to...

  • Astrocytoma and brain tumor latest information such as Astrocytoma Symptoms, Astrocytoma Treatment, Prevention, Diet...

  • Avastin has three primary complications associated with it which can be life-threatening or responsible fatal incidents: Gastrointestinal perforation...

  • Baking Soda Alternative Cancer Treatment leads to aout 90% success in patients with...

  • New studies on bananas and cancer amazingly reveal can fight many cancers. Research on banana and breast cancer, banana and prostate cancer, banana and colon cancer show how men and women can fight cancerous cells.

  • Basal cell carcinoma symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates and prevention methods from cancereffects.com.

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma Causes are most of the times known. Most common factors that can cause skin cells to mutate and become cancerous or cause Basal Cell Carcinoma include...

  • Basal cell carcinoma complications are very difficult if the disease is diagnosed and treatment early. Learn how to prevent complications of skin cancer including Basal Cell Carcinoma and...

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma Diagnosis is performed another to detect the cancer and treat it. Learn what tests and medicaal exams your dermatologist or oncologist will perform during the diagnosis to confirm you have Basal Cell Carcinoma

  • Basal cell carcinoma Prevention and treatment options to help become or stay cancer-free. Common preventive measures of skin cancer including Basal Cell Carcinoma are...

  • Basal cell carcinoma risks should be known and avoided. You are more likely to have basal cell carcinoma, if you are subject of at least of the factors...

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma Survival Rates can be good. Unlike many types of cancer, basal cell carcinoma survival is not heart breaking, especially when the disease is diagnosed early and...

  • Basal cell carcinoma symptoms can be like an insignificant skin disease at the begining. But it is important to dectect the disease early. Discover all the symptoms of Basal Cell Carcinoma and...

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment options that help you become cancer free. To treat your basal cell carcinoma, many factors are taken in consideration such as age and severity of the tumor...

  • Alternative cancer treatment is an option considered by most cancer patients, but Bee Venom? Yes. Discover what researchers have discovered…

  • A new research has been conducted on beetroot juice and cancer, the results are amazing. Discover what scientists have found on beetroot and cancer prevention, as well as beetroot and breast cancer...

  • Scientists have discovered some benefits of looking across many cancer genomes: New Hope in cancer diagnosis

  • Bevacizumab is a medication that has associated with a number of serious side-effects. for instance, severe, potentially fatal bleeding (hemorrhage) can...

  • Bicalutamide can lead to development of serious medical conditions... Bicalutamide has been shown to cause abnormalities in the developing fetus and...

  • Bile Duct Cancer can lead to fetal outcome with you don't stop it. Get the latest information on Bile Duct Cancer Early Signs, Treatment, Clinical Trials and more

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  • Bladder cancer can lead to fetal complications. Learn up to date information on bladder cancer symptoms, warning signs, causes as well as treatment options, survival rates, and prevention methods.

  • Bladder causes and common factors that can lead to the development of the disease. Most comon bladder cancer causes and factors include...

  • Bladder cancer, as most cancers do, tends to lead to complication if not well treated. Discover most common complications related to bladder cancer and...

  • Early diagnosis of bladder cancer is very important to increase survival chances. Learn what to expect during your Bladder Cancer Diagnosis and what you should...

  • Bladder cancer incidence and latest survival rate you need to know if you or a love one has the disease. Although not so common, the incidence of bladder cancer is about...

  • Bladder Cancer Prevention can be challenging for some, but steps can help not become a victim or prevent bladder cancer and...

  • bladder cancer survival rate is not so bad unlike many other forms of cancer, the disease has a Prognosis less alarming. 85% of superficial bladder cancer patients have...

  • All bladder cancer rick factors are not well known. However, certain factors are identified as contributors in the development of the disease. The most common include...

  • Bladder cancer stages: Depending on its extension, bladder cancer is classified into 4 stages which are...

  • Bladder Cancer Symptoms can be insignificant at the begining. In fact, the beginning of a bladder cancer is often asymptomatic. Discover all the warning signs and symptoms of bladder cancer...

  • Bladder cancer symptoms can be similar to a number of non-cancerous conditions. However, for an effective Bladder Cancer treatment, see your health care provider immediately if you do experience any of these symptoms

  • Bladder Cancer Treatment can include many therapies and alternative approaches. Although there is no unique treatment for the disease, In general, bladder cancer treatment always involves...

  • Bok Choy has been found to have amazing anti cancer properties according to these new studies. This cruciferous vegetable fight breast cancer, prostate cancer...

  • Bone cancer causes are always identified, but certain factors are known to be the causes of the disease. Discover the most common causes of bone cancer and...

  • Bone cancer complications include severe pain and increased risk of fracture. In addition, the cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body to form...

  • Bone cancer diagnosis is important to accurately confirm that you have the disease. Here are common steps included in the diagnosis of bone cancer...

  • Bone pain can be a symptoms of bone cancer. Learn how to tell if you have a simple bone pain or bone cancer. bone cancer pain treatment includes...

  • Bone cancer prevention depends on adopting a healthy lifestyle and an anti-cancer diet. In addition, you need to avoid the following factors that may contribute to the development of bone cancer...

  • Bone cancer Risk factors - The causes of bone cancer are not well known; there, however, are a number of factors suspected in its development:

  • Bone cancer stages determined after several tests are performed. In general, bone cancer stages include:...

  • Bone cancer survival is not so bad comparing to other types of serious cancer. However, your chance of surviving or healing depends on many factors, such as...

  • Bone cancer symptoms and signs tend to be similar to those of other medical conditions which makes certain patients to neglect them at the begining. Learn the warning signs and symptoms of bone cancer and...

  • Bone Cancer Treatment is determined based on the type of cancer you have (osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma or myeloma), its stage or type of organs affected (in case of a metastatic bone cancer).

  • Types of bone cancer and their warning signs you need to know. Bone cancer is classed in different types: osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma and multiple myeloma. Their symptoms...

  • Bone cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information from cancereffects.com.

  • Bone Marrow Cancer Symptoms and early signs - Treatment options for this disease have become much more effective in recent years but it is very important to pay attention to a number of bone marrow cancer symptoms in order...

  • Research from Columbia University Medical Center shows Botox® injections slow growth of stomach tumors in mice. This new Stomach cancer treatment may save the life of 1000's of patient who...

  • Bowel Cancer Symptoms, Signs and Treatment Options latest information to help decide wisely in your fight agaisnt cancer. In addition, find the latest colorectal cancer treatment and colorectal cancer statistics...

  • Brain cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update; also information on different non-cancerous brain tumor types.

  • Unlike secondary brain cancer, primary brain cancer rises from the brain tissue itself. This occurs when some of the cervical cells such as astrocytes ...

  • Brain cancer is a life threatening disease; even with effective therapies, it can lead to neurological and physiological damage.

  • Initially, your health care provider will ask you questions about your medical history and characteristics of the symptoms that you experience. After which, he will do a physical examination searching for signs indicating brain cancer:

  • Brain Cancer Prevention: Prevention of recurrence is very important after treatment. Regular and extended monitoring is necessary to detect early relapse and manage the side effects of the treatment.

  • The causes of brain cancer are not well known, but some factors are clearly suspected in its development:

  • Brain Cancer Incidence - Despite advances in medical science, news about brain cancer incidence is not pleasant. The incidence of brain cancer is estimated at 20 cases per 100,000 people. Every year, in the United States...

  • The effectiveness of the treatments or your survival chances vary depending on the type of cancer you have, its size and location in the brain.

  • Brain cancer symptoms vary depending on the size and location of the tumor. A non-metastasized brain cancer of small size may produce few or no Symptoms.

  • Brain Cancer Early Symptoms detection tips and treatment options in case you are already diagnosed with the disease. Brain cancer is a very serious illness which affects one of the most amazing organs in our body. You do need an effective treatment to...

  • Brain cancer Treatment: Before even considering an appropriate treatment, it is important for your doctor to determine the type, size and degree of malignancy of the cancer in your brain.

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  • Breast cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information. Invasive Breast Cancer and non Invasive Breast Cancers can...

  • Breast cancer causes are multiple. In fact some of the causes of the disease are still unknown to scientists. However, the most common factors and causes of breast cancer include...

  • Breast Cancer chemotherapy latest update. Discover the latest breast cancer chemotherapy drugs and their side effects as long as their...

  • Breast Cancer Incidence and Statistics to help you stay informed on the effects of breast cancer. Discover the number of women affected by the disease and steps you can take to save your life...

  • Breast Cancer Prevention Options for women at risk and those who want to keep the disease away from their life. Preventing breast cancer can be done in...

  • Breast Cancer Prevention methods to help you avoid becoming a victims of the disease. These breast cancer prevention methods can also be used by cancer patients who....

  • Breast cancer recurrence can cause more sadness than the first diagnosis. Now you can know if you are at risk of relapse and take steps to prevent it, or survive the recurrence.

  • Breast Cancer Risk Factors and latest information from the top cancer research groups. Although about 70% of breast cancer cases occur without any explicit cause; the most common factors are...

  • Breast Cancer screening and other Diagnostic tests to accurately confirm the disease. In addition to breast self-examination (BSE), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, estrogen and...

  • Regular monitoring after Treatment is very important to determine the reaction of the body to the drugs. Common breast cancer screening texts recommended include...

  • Breast Cancer Symptoms and warning signs that you need to be aware of to help detect the disease in its earliest stage. You need to see a health care provider immediately if experience any of these breast cancer symptoms

  • Breast cancer stages play a major role in the choice of the treatment. Learn how to determine what breast cancer stage you have and treatment options available. Common stages of breast cancer include...

  • Breast cancer latest information such as Stages, New Treatment, Statistics and Life Expectancy to help you become and stay cancer free. Breast cancer research and treatment options for different types of...

  • Breast cancer survival rates can be good if the tumor is detected early in its development. In fact, even if you have an advanced breaset cancer you can increase your survival rate if you...

  • Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms should be detected early to improve survival chance. Discover all the early symptoms and signs of breast cancer and steps to take to cure the disease without loosing your breast...

  • Breast Cancer and Genetic Mutations - Scientists have discovered some genetic mutations that may increase the Risk for Breast Cancer. Learn more...

  • Broccoflower Health Benefits also include cancer prevention, according to new study. It is shown Romanesco broccoli causes cancer cells to commit suicide and...

  • A new research on broccoli and cancer prevention provides some interesting data. The study was focus on broccoli and cancer breast, as well as cancers of prostate, lung, colon...

  • A recent study on brussel sprouts and cancer prevention shows the vegetable can prevent many cancers. For instance, research on brussel sprouts and breast cancer confirms women who eat this cruciferous plant are lower risk to have malignant tumor.

  • Bryan Murray cancer is terminal and very aggressive. Discover steps you can take to prevent cancer… and what Bryan Murray had to say about his colon cancer during his last interview

  • Cadiac Tumor (Heart Tumor) treatment and latest information on its early signs and preventive methods pregnant women can follow to prevent their children having Heart Tumor.

  • Camptosar can cause a number of side effects, some of which may be quite serious. See a health care profesional immediately If you experience...

  • Chemotherapy Drugs and Their Side Effects - Discover a complete list of Cancer and Chemotherapy Drugs. Information includes their indication, side effects, inreraction, contraindication, and FDA Warning

  • A chemical used in Colgate Total called Triclosan causes cancer, miscarriage, as well as neurological damage. Triclosan is also found in acne products, first aid products, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, lotion...

  • Cancer Death Rates vary from one cancer to another. Discover the top 10 deadly cancers and tips you can use to prevent them from affecting you. Learn about prostate cancer death rates, lung cancer death rates, breast cancer death rates, and all other cancer survival statistics...

  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment options to help you regain your health back, and live a happy life. We provide latest cancer diagnosis statistics...

  • During cancer treatment, you may have no or lack of appetite which makes it difficult for your body to get enough nutrients it need. Therefore, it is important to increase your chance of covering by eating a balanced diet.

  • Cancer Drugs - C List Camptosar Capecitabine Carac Carboplatin Casodex Cetuximab Chlorambucil Cisplatin Cosmegen Cyclophosphamide Cytarabine Cytoxan

  • Cancer Drugs - D List Dactinomycin Dasatinib Docetaxel Doxil Doxorubicin

  • Cancer Drugs - E List Efudex Eligard Eloxatin Epirubicin Erbitux Emcyt Erlotinib Etoposide Eulexin Exemestane

  • Cancer Drugs - F List: * Faslodex * Femara * Fludara * Fludarabine * Fluorouracil injection * Flutamide * Fulvestrant

  • Cancer Drugs - G List: * Gefitinib * Gemcitabine * Gemzar * Gleevec * Goserelin

  • Cancer Drugs - H List: * Herceptin * Hycamtin * Hydrea * Hydroxyurea

  • Cancer Drugs - I List: * Ifex * Ifosfamide * Imatinib * Iressa * Irinotecan

  • Cancer Drugs - L list: * Letrozole * Leukeran * Leuprolide * Lomustine * Lupron * Lupron Depot * Lysodren

  • Cancer Drugs - M List: * Megace * Megestrol * Melphalan * Methotrexate * Mitotane * Mitomycin * Mitoxantrone

  • Cancer Drugs - N List: * Navelbine * Nexavar * Nolvadex * Novantrone

  • Cancer Drugs - O List: * Oncovin * Oxaliplatin

  • Cancer Drugs - P List: * Paclitaxel * Pamidronate * Paraplatin * Pemetrexed * Platinol

  • Cancer Drugs - R List: * Reclast * Rheumatrex * rituximab * Rituxan

  • Cancer Drugs - S List: * Sorafenib * Sprycel * Sunitinib * Sutent

  • Cancer Drugs - T List: * Tamoxifen * Tarceva * Taxol * Taxotere * Topotecan * Trastuzumab

  • Cancer Drugs - V List: * Vinorelbine * Vincristine

  • Cancer Drugs - X List: Xeloda

  • Cancer Drugs - Z List: * Zoladex * Zoledronic * Zometa

  • Chemotherapy Drugs - A List: Aclasta Alimta Adriamycin Alkeran Ara-C Aredia Anastrozole Arimidex Aromasin Avastin

  • Cancer Drugs - B List Bevacizumab Bicalutamide

  • Cancer information and latest update from the leading cancer research groups in the country. Discover the complete cancer terms used which includes but not limited to: Carcinoma In Situ Biopsy Neoplasm Cancer Screening Cancer Diagnosis Cancer Stage

  • Cancer is a serious health concern for people all over the world. Discover common types of cancer and appropriate treatment for each one of them.

  • Keep updated on our latest cancer news from around the world including the United States

  • Cancer prevention is much more better than the treatment; you don't have to undergo treatment and experience any side effects. Discover the top cancer prevention methods according to...

  • Cancer Therapies: There is no single therapy for all cancers; each cancer has its treatment. The most common therapies used to treat cancer include...

  • Cancer Support Groups to help you face the disease victoriously. Being diagnosed with cancer can be tough. It is even thouger when you are not left alone. These cancer Support Groups, located all over the United States and other countries, help cancer patients like you to cope with the cancer...

  • Cancer Surgery: A great majority of cancer patients are often guided toward some type of surgical therapy, whether as a method of diagnosis or for treatment purpose.

  • Learn all about cancer surgery and techniques to help you find top rated surgeons in the country.

  • Cancer Warning Signs and Symptoms should be detected earliest possible to prevent complications. Although certain cancer cancer symptoms such as prostate cancer symptoms and mesothelioma symptoms can be...

  • Cancer treatment options can be confusing if you are not a health professional or newly diagnosed with cancer. It is important to know all therapeutic options cancer treatment includes so that you can discuss the treatment with your oncologist and increase your survival chance. Discover what to ask your oncologist before undergoing any cancer treatment…

  • Cancer effects such as warning signs, symptoms, as well as treatment options, prevention, support and survival techniques, to help you reverse or manage the side effects of the cancer therapy.

  • Cancer is a group of diseases (types of cancer) having for mechanism an anarchic and uncontrolled cell proliferation. Discover the complete list of cancer and...

  • Cannabis (Medical Marijuana) is making actuality as Cancer Treatment. Discover the latest news on medical marijuana and it's legal...

  • Capecitabine is a powerful anti cancer drug that can cause serious side effects. Serious, life-threatening bleeding may occur when...

  • Carac is used to treat certain skin affections such as: • basal cell cancer of the skin • actinic keratosis, a skin condition that can lead to skin cancer • Bowen's disease • Genital warts.

  • Carboplatin can cause various serious side effects that can seriously affect the health of a patient who is using it. When the medication...

  • Casodex can cause fetal side effects. The FDA has issued a warning that this medication is associated with a chance of severe liver injury or failure. Rare cases of death or hospitalization due to severe...

  • Cell Phones and Cancer Risk has been debated for over a decade. Discover myths and facts, according to a recent study.

  • Cervical Cancer Causes are sometimes known. For instance, HPV is one of the main causes of the disease. Besides hpv cervical cancer, other known factors include...

  • Cancer of the cervix can lead to serious complications and even death if not well treated. Disover to prevent Cervical Cancer Complications and...

  • Cervical Cancer Prevention methods that can help you not become a victim of the disease. These approaches not only help you prevent cervical cancer but also reverse its progression if you already have it

  • Cervical cancer survival rates depend greatly on the stage or size of the tumor at diagnosis. However, you can increase your healing chance. Learn what to do for a better Cervical Cancer Prognosis...

  • Cervical Cancer Risk Factors are multiple and some can be prevented. Certain Risks suspected in the development of cervical cancer include...

  • Cervical Cancer Screening should be performed from the first signs or symptoms related to the disease,The earlier the cancer is detected, the more chance you have of being recovered or cured. Learn what to expect from your Cervical Cancer Screening And Diagnosis

  • Cervical cancer stages and treatment options available to help you succesfully fight the disease. Learn the latest information about staging and grading of cervical cancer and...

  • Cervical Cancer Statistics are a little high.The disease is is one of the common cancers among women, comes right after breast cancer . In the US, Cervical Cancer incidence is about...

  • Cervical Cancer Symptoms And Early Signs should be known by all women so that the disease can be detected in early stage. Common signs and symptoms of Cervical Cancer include...

  • Cervical Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Options information to help you not only detect the disease but also treat it effectively. Discover latest information on hpv and cervical cancer...

  • Cervical Cancer Treatment Options include many therapeutic procedure. Learn the latest update on treatment of cervical cancer as well as effective alternative treatments that...

  • Cervical cancer symptoms, causes, treatment, survival rates, statistics, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Cetuximab side effects can lead to death. There have been some deaths reported in people that have head and neck cancer that have been treated with this medication and...

  • Chemoembolization is a form of chemotherapy which attacks the cancer cells directly. It is used to treat many cancer, mainly liver cancer...

  • Diarrhea and Constipation While killing cancer cells, chemotherapy drugs also attack and damage the cells in the mucosa (lining that recovers the intestine) of the intestine, causing inflammation, diarrhea, constipation, pain…

  • A healthy and balanced diet can help your body fight against the illness, and thus increase the curative effects of the treatment. In fact, there is no good treatment without good nutrition.

  • Chemotherapy Drugs - Cancer Drugs many chemotherapy drugs are used to treat cancer including breast cancer.

  • Complete list of anti cancer drugs (also known as chemotherapy drugs), indications, their side effects and potential complications

  • Fatigue and tiredness are often triggered by cancer treatment, unfortunately. But chemo-related fatigue usually occurs suddenly and can last days, weeks or months, if no appropriate steps are not taken to stop it…

  • Chemotherapy Hair Loss: Cancer patients would like to retain their hair and beauty during the course of the treatment. Unfortunately, most chemo agents cause their hair to fall. In fact, hair loss is the most common visible side effects of chemotherapy...

  • Chemotherapy Infertility: Some chemo drugs can reduce the ability to have kids. In fact, Infertility is one of fearful chemotherapy side effects. Certain medications may reduce or completely stop the inability to have children in both men and women...

  • Chemotherapy Kidney and Bladder Problems: Kidney and bladder are two organs that play a major role in cleansing your body during cancer treatment. Therefore, Kidney and bladder problems are among chemotherapy side effects that...

  • Chemotherapy Nausea and Vomiting: Nausea and Vomiting are not out of the picture when it comes to chemotherapy side effects. In fact, they are the two of the most common malaise associated with chemo drugs...

  • Loss of Appetite Caused By Chemotherapy: Most individuals undergoing chemotherapy experience loss of appetite. This can be the result of the therapy or the cancer itself. In fact, most cancers tend to cause decreased appetite...

  • Chemotherapy side effects can include dry mouth and other oral problems such as ulceration of the tongue or throat, bad breath, mucositis, fungal infections, altered taste, pain and even tooth loss.

  • Chemotherapy Side Effects Chemotherapy is the best weapon available to date to fight against cancer... The list of side effects associated with chemotherapy is vast. These adverse reactions vary from one patient to another and from one drug to another.

  • Chemotherapy Skin Problems: Certain chemo drugs can cause skin problems such as dry skin, skin rashes, hives, flushing (redness of the face and neck), and swelling of the eyelids, lips and tongue...

  • Sore Mouth, Gums and Throat : Sore mouth, gums and throat is commonly experienced by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy; it is a frequent chemotherapy side effect...

  • Chemotherapy Weight Loss: Everyone wants to have a normal weight. Unfortunately, weight loss is one of chemotherapy side effects cancer patients tend to experience during the treatment. The weight loss...

  • Chemotherapy is the most common cancer treatment; discover 12 things that will open your eyes about the therapy including its side effects.

  • Cherry kills cancer cells by preventing them from reproducing, without adverse effects. In addition, cherry prevents cancer...

  • Chives Health Benefits are numerous, ranging from anticancer to antiaging. In addition to health benefits, discover common chives nutritional benefits

  • Chlorambucil side effects are known to be deadly sometimes. There are several serious side effects associated with Chlorambucil. Although it is meant to treat cancer, the drug can also cause other forms of cancer to develop in...

  • Recent studies on dark chocolate and cancer treatment have shed amazing light therapeutic effects of cocoa powder and breast cancer, as well as prostate and bowel cancers.

  • Chondrosarcoma is a rare but serious type of cancer. Discover its causes, risk factors, warning signs, symptoms. Our Chondrosarcoma treatment include...

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is one of the serious cancer on the planet which can lead to fetal complications. Get the latest information on Chronic Leukemia treatment and update...

  • Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia causes, diagnosis, and latest information on leukemia treatment options and its warning signs and symptoms

  • Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia treatment options and latest update on its warning signs and symptoms to help patients catch the disease earliest possible.

  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) can be fetal if not treated early and effectively. Get the latest on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and techniques to use to survive the disease. This Leukemia treatment prevents patients from...

  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Symptoms and latest information to help individuals understand warning signs of Leukemia.

  • Cisplatin side effects can be severe. There are possible serious kidney problems and serious allergic reactions possible while using Cisplatin. In addition, hearing loss is observed in certain cancer patients, more common in children,

  • Colerectal Cancer Recurrence often leads to complications. It is important to take necessary steps before it's too late as complications of colorectal cancer may lead to these fetal...

  • Recent studies on collard greens and breast cancer have shown how this vegetable is a powerful cancer fighter. Other studies on collard greens and cancer prevention have shown the same...

  • Colloidal Silver is being promoted all over the internet as alternative cancer treatment. Is it safe? Is it really effective in treating cancer? Discover the Truth

  • Colon cancer causes, warning signs, symptoms, treatment options, and latest prevention methods... This is the latest colon cancer treatment which can save your life if...

  • Colon Cancer Causes are better known than certain other types of malignant tumors. Discover the common risk factors and causes of colon cancer including colorectal...

  • Colon Cancer Prevention Methods that you can used to prevent you from being a victim of the disease. These colon cancer prevention tips can also be applied by cancer victims

  • Colon Cancer Prognosis and Survival Rates are less alarming comparing to certain other types of cancer. Get the latest information on Colon Cancer Survival Rates and other...

  • Colon cancer is increasing at alarming rates. Discover the conventional and alternative steps you can take to prevent or reverse colorectal cancer

  • Colon Cancer Recurrence tends to lead to Complications which can be fetal. Discover what you can to reduce the risk of Colon Cancer Recurrence and Complications

  • Colon Cancer Risk Factors include several criteria such as diet, genetic diseases, as well as family history of the disease. Learn what to do to reduce your risk of developping colong cancer and...

  • Colon Cancer Stages and Treatment Options adapted to each stage of the cancer that you need to be aware of if you are diagnosed with any form of colorectal cancer. Stages of colon cancer include:...

  • Colon cancer incidence is increasinf all over the world. Recent Colon Cancer Statistics have revealed that each year, approximately over 940 000 new cases of...

  • Colon Cancer Early Symptoms and treatment options latest information to help you catch the disease in its geneisis and treat it effectively. Discover colon cancer treatment by stage and...

  • Colon Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs should not be neglected as the sooner the disease is diangosed and treated the more chance you have to heal. Learn common symptoms and signs of colon cancer...

  • Colon cancer treatment include several therapeutic procedures and each therapy used depends on the location and stage of the tumor at diagnosis. Discover treatment options available such as Colon Cancer Chemotherapy...

  • Colorectal cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Colorectal Cancer Causes are not well known; however, colorectal cancer is, most of the times, caused by the following factors which are...

  • Colorectal Cancer Prevention Methods that can be used to prevent colorectal cancer and other types of cancer such as...

  • Colorectal Cancer Risk Factors should be clearly known and avoided as long as it is possible. Here are common factors that seem to contribute to the occurrence of Colorectal Cancer...

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening and Diagnosis should be performed early before the disease is an advanced stages. Discover what to do to get the best of Colorectal Cancer Screening and diagnosis...

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening and Diagnosis allow to detect the disease early, thus preventing complication or Recurrence. Discover common colorectal cancer screening tests that...

  • Colorectal Cancer Stages and Treatment Options that you may undergo to treat the cancer. In general, colorectal cancer includes the following stages and...

  • Colorectal cancer incidence is more common in Western countries. According to many Colorectal Cancer Statistics, the disease is the third most common cancer in men and..

  • Colorectal Cancer Survival and Prognosis depend greatly on the stage of the cancer at diagnosis. However, you can take the following steps to increase your healing regardless of the colorectal cancer stage you have...

  • Colorectal Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs can be neglected by most cancer victims at the begining, which can be fetal. Discover all the Warning Signs and symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

  • Colorectal cancer are often neglected by most people in early stages. However, this is a very serious illness that requires immediate treatment to prevent fetal consequences. Learn how to identify the symptoms of Colorectal cancer and...

  • Colorectal Cancer Treatment and information on new chemotherapy drug and surgery. Additional information alternative colorectal Cancer Treatment and...

  • Colorectal Cancer Treatment Options that are commonly recommended to combat the disease. Discover what to do to make the treatment of colorectal cancer more effective, and steps you can take to increase your healing chance...

  • Colorectal Cancer Treatment and Survival Rates to help you become cancer free and stay informed. Regardless of the colorectal cancer stages, there is help. Our screening and colorectal cancer treatment options include many approaches including uspstf colorectal cancer screening.

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  • Contacting us is a great way to engage us and demonstrate that you are a real person rather than simply an ...

  • Cosmegen is a powerful anti-cancer medication that can cause serious side effects. Cosmegen leaking can damage the muscle or skin. The patient should immediately

  • Cyclophosphamide Side effects tend to vary from one patient to another. However, although very rare, second cancers can develop in some patients treated with cyclophosphamide used...

  • Cytarabine can lead to serious side effects and even liver degradation. can also be a problem. It is reported a case of One case of a life-threatening type of allergic reaction that resulted in...

  • Cytoxan is always associated with side effects. In fact, although Cytoxan is usually used as a cancer medication, it can also increase your chances of developing other cancers.

  • Dactinomycin side effects can lead to serious health problems. Some patients have extreme allergic reactions to Dactinomycin, so if you suspect an allergic reaction during treatment...

  • Dasatinib side effects are sometimes serious. Cancer patients treated with Dasatinib may develop this medication conditions right after starting Sprycel or up to a year after treatment.

  • Debbie Rowe, the former wife of Michael Jackson and mother of Prince Michael and Paris Jackson, diagnosed with cancer.

  • Docetaxel side effects can fetal in cancer patients who have liver disease. Complications of treatment-related mortality associated with Taxotere® therapy is increased in patients with abnormal liver function, in patients receiving higher doses, and in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

  • Doxil indication and side effects latest update you need to know. This medication can augment the effects of infections, increase bleeding and cause you to bruise more easily.

  • Doxorubicin has been associated with causing a serious form of heart disease, and even in some cases, fatal heart failure.

  • The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors are misleading viewers with false health recommendation which as no scientifically evidence, studies show. Conflicts of interest were also among the...

  • Ductal carcinoma in situ is a common type of breast cancer. It begins inside of the milk ducts and is called in situ because it remains localized in that area. DCIS is...

  • Ear Cancer Symptoms and treatment options that prevent fetal consequences. Ear cancer is a very rare form of cancer in which cancer cells can grow and develop in the skin which covers the ears or within the lining and channels of the ear itself.

  • There are many claims on Peach seeds and cancer, but few can be really proven. Finally a new study on peach and breast cancer reveals amazing truth...

  • Efudex side effects can include ulceration and inflammation. There have been cases of miscarriage and a birth defect (ventricular septal defect)...

  • Eligard can lead to serious health problems. There have been reports of risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke while using the medication...

  • Eloxatin may cause serious, sometimes fatal allergic reactions minutes after administering a dosage. Although rare, ELOXATIN side effects include life-threatening...

  • Emcyt side effects and latest update. This medication has caused heart issues. If you notice that you’re experiencing severe, quick changes in your mood, swelling of your hands and/or feet, and an increase

  • Endometrial cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival techniques and rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Endometrial Cancer Causes are barely known to scientists. Learn these common suspected causes of the cancer so that you avoid being a victim. Some of Endometrial Cancer Causes include...

  • Endometrial cancer, detected early, rarely causes complications. In fact, five-year survival rates of endometrial cancer are nearly 95 percent. However, late diagnosis does not bring good results.

  • Endometrial Cancer Prevention can be challenging due to the fact the disease is not attributed to a unique cause but several factors. But the following can help you prevent Endometrial Cancer...

  • Endometrial Cancer Risk Factors and suspected Causes of the disease that every woman needs to be aware of so that they can take necessary steps...

  • Endometrial Cancer Screening and Diagnosis are important to detect the disease early. The diagnosis can include medical procedures associated with...

  • Endometrial Cancer Stages ofen determine its Treatment Options and survival chance. Discover what stage of Endometrial Cancer you have and steps you can take to increase your survival chance

  • Endometrial Cancer Statistics are not pleasant in certain parts of the world. The disease is the most common cancer of the female genital tract. In the US, Endometrial Cancer incidence is...

  • Endometrial Cancer Survival Rates are not so bad unlike many other types of cancer. Discover what you can do to increase your Endometrial Cancer Survival chance If you have the disease and..

  • Endometrial Cancer Symptoms can be subtile at the begining and difficult to be identified. Discover how Endometrial cancer or uterine cancer normally develops when cancer cells form in the tissue which lines the inside of the uterus...

  • Endometrial Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs that you need to know so that you catch the tumor before it causes serious or fetal complications and...

  • Endometrial Cancer Treatment Options include, most of the times, surgical therapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. However, alternative Endometrial Cancer Treatment is...

  • Grilled meat is one of the most common causes of cancer of the esophagus and pancreas, announced the doctors of the Vancouver General Hospital in a scientific conference held recently in...

  • Ensure and Boost drinks are often recommended to cancer patients, but these two have some ingredients which can be harmful according to several studies.

  • Ependymoma is a rare but serious tumor that can lead to fetal consequence. Get the latest on Ependymoma treatment, and professional information...

  • Epirubicin side effects can ce serious. The drug has been known to cause severe (but hardly ever fatal) heart problems while using the medication, and up to years after using...

  • Erbitux use can cause serious side effects. Heart problems, occasionally fatal, have been reported when combining this medication with...

  • Erectile dysfunction treatment on the market (pills, pumps...) barely works and causes side effects. Erectile dysfunction surgery is frightening. Discover a natural ED treatment that really works with no adverse reactions

  • Erlotinib side effects can fetal. Certain cancer patients can develop heart attack, Ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris and heart failure) and...

  • Esophageal Cancer Recurrence is one of the main factors of Complications; therefore it is important to prevent any Recurrence of the disease by doing the following...

  • Esophageal Cancer Symptoms tend to occur when the cancer is already in advanced stage. Therefore, it is important to know the Warning Signs of the disease to...

  • Esophageal Cancer, also called cancer of esophagus, is a rare but serious condition. Discover common esophageal cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, and survival rates and techniques to fight the disease.

  • Esophageal cancer causes are not known cases of the disease. But the following factors are suspected as the common causes of Esophageal Cancer...

  • Esophageal Cancer Incidence tends to vary depending on the geographic area. For instance, in countries of North America such as the United States, esophageal cancer is...

  • Esophageal Cancer Prevention methods to help you prevent the onset of the cancer in your body. These preventive methods can also be used by any cancer patient who...

  • Esophageal Cancer Risk Factors include diet, lifestyle, environment and... Squamous cell carcinoma is often the result of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

  • Esophageal Cancer Diagnosis includes a serie of procedures that your doctor can perform. Esophageal Cancer Screening is crucial to prevent agression of the tumor or...

  • Esophageal Cancer Stages play a major role in determine the treatment. The staging is usually based on the size and degree of the cancer cells to spread within the body and...

  • Esophageal Cancer Survival techniques and tips to help you increase your healing chance. Discover the latest Esophageal Cancer Survival Rates and...

  • Esophageal Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Options which have a high success rate. Learn how to become cancer free. There are approximately 17,500 new cases of esophageal cancer diagnosed in the US every year...

  • Esophageal Cancer Treatment and Latest Statistics about the prognosis of the disease. Learn about the latest Esophageal Cancer Treatment options which can lead to complete esophageal cancer cure and...

  • Esophageal Cancer conventional Treatment Options and alternative therapies that are shown to help combat cancer sucessfully. Esophageal Cancer pain can be...

  • Etoposide can lead to development of serious adverse effects. There are reported deaths linked to bleeding, caused by Etoposide. The physician should be contacted immediately if...

  • Eulexin (Flutamide) adverse reaction can lead to death. There are reports in which this drug has led to severe liver problems and in a few cases, death...

  • Ewing Sarcoma is a serious bone cancer that can lead to fetal metastasis. Learn how our Ewing Sarcoma treatment can help you get rid of the cancer and live a...

  • Exemestane can cause potential drug interactions in patient suffering from liver or kidney problems. Therefore, before you begin treatment you should,,,

  • Exercise and cancer prevention have been subject of a large number of studies in the past decades. Discover what the researchers have found on Exercise and breast cancer prevention as well as other cancers such as...

  • Eye Cancer is rare but very devastating cancer. Discover how you can keep the disease under control with our latest Eye Cancer treatment and prevention methods

  • Learn more about fallopian tube cancer symptoms, causes, new treatment options, as well as survival rates and techniques to help you fight the cancer.

  • Fallopian tube cancer occurs when there is abnormal cell proliferation in the fallopian tube. These cells were initially normal; however, due to certain pathogenic factors, they have acquired certain characteristics that allow them to divide indefinitely...

  • The fact that cancer can remain asymptomatically for years, the tumor can grow significantly in volume or spread to other tissues before it is diagnosed. The cancer ...

  • Fallopian tube cancer diagnosis: The fact that symptoms of fallopian tube cancer do not manifest at the beginning of the disease, the diagnosis is often late. In addition...

  • The best way to prevent the onset of cancer is to live a healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle as well as your environment is often the open door to many cancers including fallopian tube cancer...

  • Risk factors of fallopian tube cancer are not well known, however, sex, age, race, pelvic inflammatory disease, and certain chronic diseases such as TB are etiological factors suspected in the development of the tumor...

  • the stage of fallopian tube cancer is determined by the size of the tumor and degree of the cells to spread within your body. Sometimes, to accurately stage a fallopian tube cancer, additional testing may be ...

  • Fallopian Tube Cancer Statistics: Cancer of the fallopian tubes is the rarest of gynecologic cancers, representing approximately 1-2% of all gynecological cancers worldwide.

  • Fallopian tube cancer prognosis depends greatly on the stage of the tumor when it was diagnosed. Your lifestyle during and after the treatment also plays an important role in your chance to survive.

  • Discover warning signs and common fallopian tube cancer symptoms, as well as latest treatment options to fight the cancer.

  • Fallopian tube cancer treatment depends on the extent and stage of the cancer, presence or absence of metastases. Your doctor can also consider your general health and age to recommend you an appropriate therapy...

  • Faslodex can cause fetal harm when given to a pregnant woman. The medication can also cause serious health problems to cancer patients with

  • Indication: Femara is used to treat hormone-dependent breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Femara is also used in the treatment of advanced breast cancer in post-menopausal women who were treated unsuccessfully with anti-estrogen therapy.

  • Cranberry juice cancer prevention method may be neglected by most people, but studies seem to confirm it. Discover the latest info on benefits of cranberries against cancers of prostate, bladder, colon, cervical, lung, ovarian...

  • Fludara (Fludarabine) Indication and latest Side Effects Information from the FDA. learn what to expect from the drug and steps you can take to prevent fludara side effects

  • Fludarabine is known to produce some severe and highly uncomfortable side effects in cancer patients. Most common adverse effects and complications include

  • Fluorouracil Injection latest information - Fluorouracil cancer patients tend to experience these severe allergic reactions when taking fluorouracil...

  • FLUTAMIDEE is used to treat cancer, but it can effect the liver seriously and can lead to these life threatening adverse reactions... .

  • Fulvestrant can cause serious or even fetal health problems in cancer patients who are suffering from these medical conditions...

  • Gallbladder Cancer Causes are well known; the disease just occurs when some healthy cells (in the gallbladder) undergo mutations in their DNA. However, the following are suspected causes of Gallbladder Cancer...

  • Gallbladder Cancer Complications are due to the fact the disease is often diagnosed at an advanced stage. Common complications of Cancer of the gallbladder tend...

  • Gallbladder Cancer Incidence and Statistics are not high. In the United States, gallbladder cancer is a rare malignant tumor that affects around...

  • Discover latest gallbladder cancer prevention methods and survival techniques to help people who already have the disease to successfully fight it.

  • Gallbladder cancer Risk factors that you need to know to decrease the risk of the occurrence of gallbladder cancer in your body include...

  • Gallbladder Cancer Screening and Diagnosis your doctor can perform to detect the disease in your body depend on the symptoms you are experiencing. In addition, he will seek to know your medical history.

  • Gallbladder Cancer Stages determine your survival rate or your chance of healing. In general, gallbladder cancer includes the following stages.,..

  • Gallbladder Cancer Survival Rates is not so pleasant when the cancer is detected at an advanced stage. In the United States, the overall 5-year survival rate is estimated at...

  • Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs that you need to know to be able to take necessary action before the tumor becomes agressive. Common symptoms of gallbladder cancer include...

  • Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Options combine many therapies such as surgical therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Discover what to do during the treatment to increase your chance to heal...

  • Gallbladder cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates and techniques, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • New study reveals amazing Cancer Prevention properties of Garden Cress. The vegetable helps prevent many cancers including breast cancer...

  • New studies have shed amazing light on garlic and cancer. The researchers have found certain compounds which make the properties of garlic anti cancer treatment and prevention so powerful and effective.

  • The following gastric Cancer Symptoms are primarily experienced in men who are over the age of 40. It occurs more commonly in countries like Japan, Chile and Iceland and is not as common in the United States...

  • Gastric cancer causes are not well known to medical scientists until today. However, the following factors are suspected in the occurence of sotmach cancer and...

  • Gastric Cancer Prevention methods to help you prevent not only any form of gastric cancer but also other types of cancer that...

  • Gastric Cancer Prognosis and Survival Rates in the US and all over the world so that you be aware what to expect from your cancer and know steps to take to...

  • Gastric Cancer Recurrence is the main cause of complications. Discover what you can do prevent the Recurrence of not only Stomach Cancer but also any gastric cancer...

  • Gastric cancer risk factors that you need to avoid if you want to prevent the disease. Common risk factors that are often detected in the occurence of stomach cancer are...

  • Gastric Cancer screening and Diagnosis are vital for a succesful treatment. therefore, If you experience stomach cancer symptoms, it is important to undergo a stomach (gastric) cancer diagnosis to...

  • Gastric Cancer Stages at diagnosis play a major role in the Survival Rates. Learn what to do to increase your healing chance regardless of the gastric cancer Stage you have...

  • Gastric Cancer Statistics and Incidence are not pleasant. The tumor is the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide> discover the latest Statistics of stomach cancer in...

  • Gastric Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs that everyone needs to know in order to detect this serious disease in it's early stage before it becomes agrssive...

  • Gastric cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Gastric Cancer Conventional Treatment Options and altenrative therapies that you can use to increase your survival chance. These treatment options include not only gastric cancer chemotherapy but also...

  • Get the latest update on Gastrointestinal and Digestive cancers. Discover early signs and symptoms and treatment options to help you become cancer free without...

  • Gefitinib can cause serious adverse effects. Although rare (about 1%.), cases of lung disease has been observed in cancer patients treated with IRESSA. Common lungs problems include...

  • Gemcitabine adverse effects can be very serious in some cancer patients. Gemcitabine can cause very rare but serious side effects such as...

  • Gemzar can lead to development of serious medical problems. Rare but serious side effects may occur when taking Gemzar. They can include...

  • Gene therapy involves replacing defective genes with normal or modified genes. But does it really work in cancer treatment? Discover the latest update and...

  • Genitourinary and Urinal Cancers are among the most common deadly cancers all over the world; you cannot afford to ignore their warning signs. Discover symptoms and treatment options for urinary cancers and...

  • Gestational Trophoblastic Tumor treatment and latest prevention methods to help you not only become free of the disease but also prevent it or its complications

  • There are many claims on ginger and cancer treatment; but recent studies have finally found the truth. Using ginger against cancer can do miracle.

  • Serious side effects of Gleevec are rare but should receive immediate and appropriate treatment as complications can occur. Common Gleevec side effects and complications include...

  • Glioma, Glial Tumor or Brain Tumor, is a serious brain cancer that has unpleasant prognosis. Discover how you can increase your healing chance with our Glioma treatment.

  • Goserelin can cause serious health problems in some cancer patients. Although very rare, the medication can increase the risk for a stroke or heart attack in patients with...

  • Many studies have conducted on the relation between grapes and cancer. The results are very encouraging; the fruit has powerful anticancer properties against cancers of breast, prostate, colon, pancreas, lungs... Grapes and cancer treatment

  • Graviola (soursop, guanabana, Brazilian pawpaw) is not only as alternative cancer treatment but also called Natural Miracle remedy for cancer. Disocver if it is worth the title or not

  • Green-Tea.html

  • Green tea as cancer treatment and prevention has been common topic for decades. These recent studies have found that green tea and prostate cancer have more...

  • Gynecologic Cancers include many types of cancer such as Cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Fallopian Tube Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Vaginal Cancer and Vulvar Cancer...

  • Hairy Cell Leukemia is one of the deadly blood cancer. Discover our latest Hairy Cell Leukemia treatment and other supports you need to face the disease

  • Head and Neck Cancer Early Symptoms and trwatment options to help you determine if you have the disease or steps to take to successfully treat it. Discover latest information on hpv and head and neck cancer and prevention methods...

  • Head and Neck Cancer is one of the serious malignant tumors that can lead to fetal results. Discover our latest Head and Neck Cancer treatment and information about its early symptoms

  • Head & Neck Cancers are serious types of cancer which include Eye Cancer, Laryngeal Cancer, Oral Cancer, Pharyngeal Cancer, Throat Cancer and thyroid Cancer. Get the latest treatment options available for these types of cancer and...

  • Hematological or Blood Cancers are malignant tumors that arise from the blood tissue. Some of them include Hodgkin's Disease, Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma, Lymphoma, Lymph Node Cancer (see Lymphoma)

  • Herceptin side effects can be life-threatening. The medication may cause serious heart problems, such as heart failure. The risk for the heart problems are...

  • New Pancreatic Cancer Treatment made with Herpes Virus attacks and kills pancreatic cancer cells without harming the health cells. Discover how you or your loved one can profit from this new treatment option

  • Vitamin C, as an Alternative Cancer Treatment, causes a lot of talks among cancer patients and health professionals. But does Vitamin C really work against cancer? Discover the truth and...

  • Although the cause of Hodgkin's lymphoma is not yet known, several factors are suspected in contributing to its occurrence:

  • Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • The lymphoid tissues are connected throughout your body which causes Hodgkin's lymphoma often spread from a lymph node to another. In severe cases Hodgkin's lymphoma...

  • Your doctor will do a physical exam to search for signs of Hodgkin's lymphoma in your body. He can also ask you questions about your medical history and the symptoms you experience to help him have a better idea of your condition.

  • The incidence of Hodgkin lymphoma is about 1 in 25,000 people; it accounts for 0.5-1% of all cancers worldwide. The incidence of Hodgkin lymphoma is higher in developed countries than in developing countries...

  • Honey as cancer treatment has been controversial for decades. Discover what recent studies have found on honey and cancer treatment.

  • Hormone therapy is often used as an adjuvant after surgery to decrease the risk of the cancer returning. Even though this is its most common usage, hormone therapy can also be used as a neoadjuvant treatment for cancer that has recurred following a cancer treatment, or for cancer that has spread.

  • Hycamtin may cause serious blood disorders. Decreased bone marrow function may cause low blood counts of the red, white and platelets...

  • Hydrea is used to treat cancer, but can lead to the development of certain cancers. The most common complications associated with Hydrea...

  • Hydroxyurea (Hydrea) may cause severe and even life-threatening adverse effects. Among Hydroxyurea complications include...

  • Hypopharyngeal Cancer, also known as Cancer of the Hypopharynx, is a serious disease which can be fetal. Learn how to save your life with our latest Hypopharyngeal Cancer treatment

  • Ifex is a powerful anti-cancer medication. The drug is known to cause serious side effects and complications such as urinary problems...

  • Ifosfamide has been known to cause severe side effects in patients so great care should be used when taking this drug. Cancer Patients have experienced severe...

  • Imatinib can be taken by mouth in dosages of 100 mg or 400 mg. The 100 mg is usually orange in color and round shape; the 400 mg comes in an orange scored oblong.

  • Immunotherapy is one of the most cutting-edge forms of cancer treatment. It causes less side effects and attacks the tumor directly. Discover the latest update on this cancer therapy

  • Inflammatory breast cancer is fairly rare yet aggressive form of breast cancer. Get the latest information on the disease and steps to succesfully fight it. Disocver our Inflammatory breast cancer treatment and ...

  • Many studies have been conducted on chaga and cancer, but this new research shed more light on chaga and breast cancer as well as cancers of lung, prostate, bladder, colon, and more.

  • Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, IORT, is a new cancer therapy used mostly in breast cancer treatment, and some other cancers such as colon, pancreas,...

  • Invasive ductal carcinoma is a serious type of breast cancer cancer which originates in the milk ducts within the breast. It is the most common type of breast cancer and accounts for about...

  • Invasive lobular carcinoma is a type of cancer which originates in the milk producing lobules of the breast. This type of breast cancer is referred to as invasive since the cancer which begins in the lobules eventually spreads to other parts of the breast...

  • Iressa side effects can be quite serious. This drug has been known to cause severe liver disease in patients...

  • Irinotecan can lead to development of serious adverse reactions which the following factors can make become more severe and possibly fatal. You need to go to immergency immediately if you...

  • Deaths caused by polio vaccine over several decades is not known but CDC has admitted that 98 million Americans have been infected with polio vaccines that cause brain cancer, bone cancer, mesothelioma...

  • Sinus Cancer is no longer part of Jim Kelly life according to the Latest Medical Update. His doctors said last wednesday that Jim Kelly has...

  • Juice fasting is all over the internet as an alternative cancer treatment, but does it really work? And if yes, discover some celebrities that use it to reverse their cancer

  • Study on kale and cancer prevention has shown interesting results: kale fighting cancer cells and rejuvenates health cells. Kale and breast cancer is also an interesting topic...

  • Kaposi's Sarcoma latest information on its symptoms, Treatment, Support and more. Learn how our latest Kaposi Sarcoma treatment can save your life...

  • Kidney cancer, also called renal cancer, symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Kidney Cancer Symptoms (Renal Cancer Symptoms) can be taken for UTI symptoms. Learn how to identify Kidney Cancer Symptoms and decide what treatment options available to increase your renal cancer survival rate...

  • Kidney Cancer Causes are not always identified by medical professionals. It is believed that the disease occurs when, due to certain factors, cancer cells grow abnormally in membrane that...

  • Kidney Cancer Complications are not rare. In fact, they can be fatal. Therefore, If you have renal cancer you are not exempt of the following complications...

  • Kidney Cancer Incidence and Statistics are not bad; the disease is accounts for 2 to 3% of all adult cancers. In the United States, It is estimated that about...

  • Kidney Cancer Prevention include a serie of methods. However, to prevent the occurrence of almost all types of cancer, including kidney cancer, it is necessary to...

  • Kidney Cancer Risk Factors are multiple; several factors can cause the development of the disease in your body. However, the two main risk factors of kidney cancer include...

  • kidney cancer Diagnosis include many medical prcedure. First, your doctor can begin the diagnosis by asking you questions about the symptoms you experience and your medical history. He will do a physical...

  • Kidney Cancer Stages are expression of the agressiveness of the disease. In general, the stages of kidney cancer are determined after many medical tests are perfoemd. The main renal Cancer Stages include...

  • Kidney cancer survival rates vary by race, sex and geographic factors. For instance, five-year relative survival rates for blacks and whites in the United are not the same. Discover your survival rates with renal cancer...

  • Kidney Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs that you shouldbe aware of and report to your health care provider if you want to prevent complications of any type of kidney cancer...

  • Kidney Cancer Treatment Options include a combination of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or/and immunotherapy. However, alternative cancer treatment can also be used . Learn what you can do during your Kidney Cancer Treatment to increase healing chance...

  • Laryngeal cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Cancer of the larynx is not free of complications; complications can be due either to the cancer itself or its treatment. Some laryngeal cancer complications include:

  • Before confirming the diagnosis of a laryngeal cancer, your physician will ask you question related to your medical history, your lifestyle (smoking and alcohol consumption), your general health and the...

  • Some risk factors such as age, sex and genetic are impossible to change; some factors, however, can be prevented. If you want to prevent cancer of the larynx and many other cancers, you need to:

  • The stage of laryngeal cancer is often identified by Roman numerals: I, II, III and IV; the higher the stage, the lower your chances to survive.

  • Laryngeal cancer prognosis depends on the stage of the tumor at diagnosis and your lifestyle (including diet) during and after the treatment. More the cancer is diagnosed early, the more chance you have to survive...

  • Laryngeal Cancer symptoms can be neglected by the patient at the begining. Most common warning signs and symptoms of cancer of the larynx include bad breath...

  • cancer of the larynx is treated by radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery. In most cases, your physician will choose a combination of these therapies...

  • Most laryngeal cancers originate from epithelial cells lining the inner wall of the glottis, the segment of the larynx located below the vestibule and above the epiglottic cavity, which includes both vocal cords....

  • Many risk factors are suspected in the development of laryngeal cancer, the most common include:

  • Laryngeal cancer is a rare form of cancer, accounts for less than 5% of all male cancers and nearly 25% of cancers of the upper aero-digestive tract. Cancer of the larynx...

  • Cancer news and up to date information on new cancer treatment to help you stay informed about the disease and emergence of new anticancer drugs on the market

  • Letrozole is used to treat cancer, but it can lead to development of serious adverse reactions in certain group of patients. For instance, women who have not...

  • Leukemia Causes remain unknown in most cases. Besides exposure to certain chemicals that are known factors for acute leukemia or chronic myeloid leukemia, the causes of the cancer are not clear. However, the following theories are...

  • Leukemia Incidence and Statistics are, unfortunately, high. The disease is very common all over the world. In fact, worldwide, leukemia accounts for about 3% of million cancer deaths. In the United States alone, it is...

  • Leukemia Prevention: Since the causes of leukemia are not well known, it is not easy to establish preventive measures. While it is not always possible to prevent cancer, you can, however, reduce your risk. To prevent...

  • Leukemia Screening is a good method of detecting early stages of the disease before they have any symptoms. Although Leukemia Diagnosis can provide a better nature of the cancer, it is...

  • Leukemia Survival rates can tend to differ depending on many factors such as types of leukemia, age, stage of the cancer or organs affected, the state of health of the patient....

  • Leukemia Symptoms and Signs that you need to be aware of and report to your doctor before the disease is aggravated. Common complications of any of kidney cancer include...

  • Leukemia Treatment include many therapies such as chemotherapy. However, before you receive Leukemia Chemotherapy, your oncologist will consider your age and type of leukemia you have to recommend you an...

  • Leukemia cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information on both Acute Leukemia and Chronic Leukemia.

  • Leukeran can cause serious malignant diseases although used to treat cancer.There have been some reports of Leukeran causing other forms of cancer in patients that are...

  • Leuprolide side effects can be serious. Although rare, isolated cases of ureteral obstruction and spinal cord compression have been observed in patients treated with Leuprolide...

  • Lime and lemon against cancer can do wonders even in advanced cancers. Discover the latest on lemon and cancer studies as well as lime juice against cancer

  • Liver cancer treatment and Intrahepatic Bile Duct Cancer treatmnent and latest information on survival rates and life expectancy of liver cancer patients who...

  • Liver Cancer Causes are barely known to medical scientists. The cancer occurs when there is a transformation of normal cells (hepatocytes) into malignant due certain carcinogenic factors. Dsicover the common causes of liver cancer that are...

  • Liver Cancer Complications can be fetal to certain patients; it is vital to know to prevent its complications before it's too late. Learn common serious problems associated with Liver Cancer...

  • Liver Cancer Symptoms in Men can cause different symptoms and requires different treatment. In fact, Liver cancer is a very serious and potentially life threatening disease. Discover our latest liver cancer symptooms and liver cancer treatment options to...

  • Liver Cancer Incidence and Statistics vary with age and race. Certain geographic parts seem to be more affected by the disease. Discover the median age at diagnosis for cancer of the liver and intrahepatic bile duct...

  • Liver cancer Prevention methods to help you better understand the best way to prevent the development of liver cancer in your body even if you are already at risk...

  • Liver cancer has multiple risk factors; its occurrence is not attributed to a single risk factor. The most common factors suspected in the development of liver cancer include...

  • Liver Cancer Screening is important to catch the disease before it produces symptoms; in an early stage. Liver Cancer Diagnosis is usually performed to confirm the liver and recommend appropriate treatment...

  • Liver Cancer Stages and Treatment Options to help you understand what stage of liver cancer you have and treatment options you can undergo to sucesfully combat the disease...

  • Liver Cancer Survival Rates and steps you can take to increase your survival chance. Learn what to do to survive liver cancer even if you get a bad prognosis from your doctor...

  • Liver Cancer Symptoms tend to manifest when the disease is already in advanced stage; it is therefore important to recognize its warning Signs to catch it in early stages. Common Liver Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs include...

  • Liver Cancer Symptoms, Stages and Treatment options information to help you successful in your fight againt the disease. Normally, liver cancer develops and grows in four distinct stages; each stage may requires a specific treatment and...

  • Liver Cancer conventional Treatment and alternative treatment to help you become free of the disease. Learn what to do during and after the treatment to increase your survival or healing...

  • Liver cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Living With Cancer can be challenging for not only the cancer patient but also the family and friends. Learn how to cope with cancer effects in your life

  • Living with cancer can be difficult. It requires not only moral strengh but also support. Learn steps by steps the best techniques to adopt to live with cancer and successfully fight it back.

  • Breast Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS) is not a true cancer. Rather it is described as an area (or groups) of abnormal cellular growth which increases the risk of a person developing full blown invasive cancer later on in life. Discover how to prevent yourself from being a victim if you have Lobular Carcinoma in Situ

  • Lomustine (CeeNU) Indication and Side Effects and latest Information from the manufacturer and the FDA. Learn what to do to reduce the side effects of the medication...

  • Lorena Rojas cancer caused her death at the age of 44. She was young, loved and admired by family, as well as colleagues and fans all over the world...

  • Louise McSharry is struggling with cancer. It is a bad bews for the fans to hear Louise is diagnosed with lymphoma. Discover the latest on louise mcsharry 2fm cancer news

  • Chemotherapy Low Sex Drive : Sex is a divine blessing, as they say. Unfortunately, men and women undergoing chemo can see their sexual appetite reduced during the cancer treatment. Fortunately, these steps can help you regain...

  • Lung cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Lung Cancer Causes are mostly known, unlike many other types of malignant tumors. The main cause of lung cancer smoking. In fact, cigarette smoke (including second hand smoke) is the major cause of not only lung cancer but also....

  • Small cell lung cancer complications can lead to death; it is exteemly important to prevent them. Discover common Lung Cancer Complications and techniques to prevent them

  • Lung cancer complications occur at advanced stage of the disease or when the patient does not receive appropriate treatment. Learn what you can do to prevent Lung cancer complications and side effects from the treatment...

  • Lung Cancer Incidence and Statistics are increasing worldwide for decades. Although the most preventable type of cancer, the disease remains the most common malignant tumor worldwide, killing nearly...

  • Lung Cancer Prevention Methods and latest information to help you live a cancer-free life. These Lung cancer Prevention tips can also be practiced by cancer patients who want to increase their healing...

  • Lung Cancer Prevention methods and information - Whether you want to prevent the diseae or already diagnosed with the cancer, these methods can you

  • Lung Cancer Risk Factors are well known. The disease can be avoided by eliminating all risk factors that can contribute to its formation in your lungs. Common triggers of lung cancer include...

  • Lung Cancer Screening and Diagnosis using effective methods performed by experienced oncologist. This lung cancer tests allow your physician to detect the tumor early which can save your life

  • Lung Cancer Stages play a major role in determining the Treatment Options you will receive. Learn why the staging is necessary in the choice of the treatment and evaluation of the prognosis, and what you can do increase your survival chance

  • Lung Cancer Survival Rates can be alarming when the tumor is diagnosed at an advanced stage. Discover what you can do to increase your survival chance even if you have a metastatic lung cancer or...

  • Lung cancer survival rates and prognosis associated with each stage - For instance, stage 4 lung cancer prognosis is...

  • Lung cancer symptoms manifest when the disease is already advanced. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to recognize the Warning Signs of the disease to seek appropriate treatment. Common lung cancer signs include...

  • Lung Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Options that can save your life from this deadly disease. Lung Cancer strikes many thousands of people in the US every year; don't be the next victim. Discover how to become cancer free and...

  • Lung cancer holds the dubious distinction of causing more deaths than just about any other type of cancer. Discover our latest Lung Cancer Symptoms, Treatment and Survival tips to help you save your...

  • Lung Cancer Treatment, Statistics and latest Important therapeutic information on prevention of recurrention to help you become and stay cancer free. lung cancer statistics can be...

  • Lung cancer treatment options and latest therapies available to help you become cancer free. These treatment options vary depending on the type of cancer you have and its stages. For instance, mesothelioma lung cancer can...

  • Mesothelioma is a form of Lung cancer which is very fatal. Discover the clear difference between Mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) and other types of Lung Cancer cause by smoking...

  • Lupron is used to treat the following medical conditions: • prostate cancer • breast cancer • ovarian cancer • endometrial cancer • endometriosis • infertility • Benign prostatic hypertrophy [(BPH), a non cancerous prostate disease].

  • Lupron Depot can cause serious health problems.There are several warnings that a patient should understand concerning Lupron Depot...

  • Lymphoma causes & risk factors are not well know by even medical scientists. But some factors are suspected in the development of the disease. Learn the common Lymphoma Causes and...

  • Hodgkin's lymphoma occurs when B cells begin to divide and multiply anarchically to form malignant growth (cancer). This cellular disorder impairs...

  • Lymphoma Complications tend to be fetal in most cancer patients. In fact, the disease can cause the development of leukemia if the cancer cells pass into the blood and...

  • Lymphoma Incidence and Statistics are considerable. the disease is the most common form blood cancer in developed countries such as USA. Discover the number of people killed by Hodgkin's lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma every year in...

  • , to prevent the occurrence of almost all types of cancer, including Hodgkin lymphoma, it is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle...

  • Lymphoma Prevention Methods to help you not only prevent the cancer but also the following viral and bacterial infections which can...

  • Lymphoma Prevention Methods are not specified given the causes of both Hodgkin's and Non Hodgkin's Lymphomas are not clearly determined by medical scients. But you can...

  • Unlike many other cancers, the survival rate of Hodgkin lymphoma is good. With early diagnosis and proper treatment, you have approximately 90% chance of being cured from Hodgkin lymphoma...

  • Lymphoma Screening and Diagnosis specific procedures to confirm the disease and...

  • Lymphoma Screening is an effective way to prevent advanced development of the disease. However, early Lymphoma Diagnosis is difficult given there is no clinical evidence of the disease at the begining. But you can...

  • the stage of Hodgkin's disease is classified from I to IV. Stage I ...

  • Lymphoma Stages and Survival Rates Information and latest update from top cancer groups in the world...

  • Lymphoma Survival and Prognosis greatly depend on several factors: age, race, tumor size, presence of metastasis or not and...

  • Lymphoma Survival Rates are not bad at all. Lymphoma Patients can live years with the disease after treatment even if they are not completly healed. Discover what you can do to increase your survival chance and...

  • You may have Hodgkin's lymphoma for a long period without experiencing any symptoms. If you have symptoms, you will have at least one or more painless swollen lymph nodes under your armpit, neck or groin, which most often are discovered...

  • Lymphoma Symptoms and Warning Signs tend to be ignored at the begining. These symptoms are passed unnoticed given they are not so serious. Learn more about common Lymphoma Symptoms and Signs that...

  • Treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma includes radiotherapy, chemotherapy and bone marrow or stem cell transplant. In most cases, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be combined to increase the chance of recovery...

  • Lymphoma Treatment can be effective depending on the type of lymphoma you have and your particiapation in the treatment. Learn more about Lymphoma Treatment Options and the role you can play to increase your survival chance...

  • Lymphoma symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival techniques, prevention methods, and latest info on Hodgkin lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma to help you fight the cancer successfully

  • Lymphoma Cancer Symptoms and tips to help you identify Hodgkin vs Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Symptoms. Lymphoma cancer is usually treated much more effectively when it can be identified in the earlier stages of development....

  • Lysodren can severe impact your life while taking it. Learn all the Lysodren side effects and steps you can take to prevent or reverse them...

  • Male Breast Cancer Symptoms and Treatment options such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as alternative treatment for patients who prefer to go natural

  • Male Breast Cancer treatment as well as easy to understand information on its causes, risk factors, warning signs, symptoms and more

  • Male Breast Cancer latest treatment options and information you need to know. Many people think that breast cancer is only limited to women. This is not true as it can affect men as well although its incidence is much lower. However we should discuss one type called male breast cancer to

  • Cancer Treatment is the toughest therapy; learn how to cope with the Cancer Treatment in order to reduce its side effects and live better life.

  • Mango and Cancer prevention has no connection most people think; but new study reveals mangos have powerful anticancer effects against breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon..

  • Many Women at High Risk for Ovarian Cancer Don’t Know It - 75 percent of those at high risk for BRCA mutations have no idea they may have increased chance of ovarian cancer, Hutch study shows

  • Megace side effects should not be neglected. Patients must be wary of these adverse reactions and respond appropriately and quickly. If any of the following symptoms occur, get emergency help right away...

  • Megestrol (Megace) Indication, side effects, and latest warning from the FDA. Megestrol side effects can severely impact your life. Discover what you can do to prevent or reverse the adverse reactions...

  • Melanoma symptoms must be identified as soon as possible in order to seek immediate medical attention and treatment. Learn more about Metastatic Melanoma Symptoms and Treatment options available to...

  • Melanoma Causes, and those of other types of skin Cancer, are most know and identified. Discover what causes melanoma and steps you can take to prevent the disease from affecting you. Common Melanoma Causes include...

  • Skin Cancer Screening is a good way to search and detect melanoma or any other type of skin cancer before a person has any symptoms. Melanoma diagnosis can be done by...

  • Melanoma Complications are rare given the prognosis of skin cancer is not bad when it is diagnosed and treated early. Certain skin cancer medications can lead to serious problems. discover how to prevent skin cancer somplications including Melanoma

  • Melanoma Incidence and Statistics are somehow hight. The cancer is very common in Western countries such as United States.Throughout the world, melanoma affects approximately...

  • Melanoma Prevention and any other type of Skin Cancer Prevention is mostly based on lifestyle change and enviromental factor. Learn how to prevent skin cancer including melanoma...

  • Melanoma risk factors range from lifetsyle to enviromental. Most of them can be avoided fortunately. The most common risk actors of melanoma include:...

  • Melanoma skin signs, symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information alternative skin cancer treatment.

  • Melanoma Stages (Skin Cancer Stages) and treatment options that you can use to become cancer free. In addition, get the latest information and update from the...

  • Melanoma Survival Rates are not bad. However, after the treatment,the tumor may relapse and develop in other parts of your skin or even in distant tissues. Learn how to increase your Melanoma Survival Rates...

  • Melanoma Symptoms are not specific at the begining. In fact, Melanoma is a cancer of the skin or mucous that can take different forms. Learn how to recognize Melanoma Symptoms and Warning Signs...

  • Melanoma Treatment and other type of Skin Cancer Treatment depends on many factors such as the stage of the tumor at diagnosis. Learn how to reduce skin cancer treatment side effects and increase your recovery chances...

  • Melphalan side effects can life-threatening. In fact, although ysed to treat cancer, Melphalan may increase your risk of developing certain cancers such as...

  • Professional information on Men Health such as prostate cancer, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, premature gray hair and more

  • Merkel Cell Carcinoma treatment options and latest information on its causes, warning signs, symptoms, treatment, and survival

  • Merkel Cell Carcinoma Treatment and comprehensive information on warning signs, symptoms and survival rates

  • Asbestos Cancer, also known as Asbestos Cancer Mesothelioma, is a malignant tumor that develops in the mesothelium. Discover the latest update on Asbestos Cancer and Mesothelioma lawsuit...

  • Mesothelioma main risk factor is asbestos exposure; that is, you run the risk of suffering from the disease if you have worked directly with asbestos. Mesothelioma Asbestos Exposure is a serious health...

  • Discover mesothelioma cancer symptoms, treatment options, survival techniques as well as legal support from a top mesothelioma lawyer in the country. In addition to asbestos lawyer, we offer latest statistics...

  • Asbestos Exposure is the main cause of mesothelioma. However, other factors can lead to the development of the disease. Discover the other mesothelioma causes in addition to Asbestos Exposure

  • Mesothelioma incidence is considered to be low comparing to other types of cancer. However, although mesothelioma statistics are not high, this is the most deadly form of lung cancer. Pleural mesothelioma, however, can be...

  • Mesothelioma Prevention consists of avoiding asbestos exposure. As the say, the best and unique way to prevent mesothelioma is by avoiding asbestos exposure directly and directly.

  • Mesothelioma Screening and Diagnosis are very important if you are subject to asbestos exposure. Discover what you can do to save your life from Mesothelioma, the deadliest from of lung cancer.

  • Mesothelioma staging plays an important role in mesothelioma survival. Discover what you can do to increase your survival chance regardless of mesothelioma stage you have been diagnosed with...

  • Mesothelioma Support groups that help mesothelioma victim to courageously fight the disease and assist them in their mesothelioma lawsuit. asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit can be very help you if...

  • Mesothelioma survival rates are not good; most patients die within years of the diagnosis. However, the following can help you increase your mesothelioma Survival and posibly healed from the disease...

  • Mesothelioma Symptoms can occur years after asbestos exposure and inhalation. Discover all the symptoms of Mesothelioma and asbestos exposure, and steps to take prevent yourself from being a victim..

  • Mesothelioma symptoms tend to manifest at an advanced stage of the disease or years after asbestos exposure. In fact, mesothelioma causes no symptoms for many years before showing warning signs and symptoms. But you can know if you have...

  • Mesothelioma Treatment Options include several conventional therapies, but there other alternatives you can use to increase your survival chjance. Discover what you can do during your mesothelioma Treatment and..

  • Metastatic breast cancer is an advanced form of cancer in which cancerous cells have broken away from the main site of the breast cancer and spread to other parts of the body. Our latest Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment Options and survival techniques to...

  • Metformin anti aging trial will be available this coming winter of 2016. A new study by Buck Institute has discovered this new anti aging drug can help people live 120 years.

  • Methotrexate can cause very severe side effects and has caused death on rare occasions. Learn how to prevent or reverse Methotrexate side effects and...

  • Is a gray hair cure finally arrived on the market to allow people to permanently keep their youthful hair color? Learn more about this latest discovery

  • Mitomycin has some side effects that may be serious or, if not given proper attention, could become fetal. See your doctor immediately if you experience...

  • Mitotane, by fighting cancer cells, suppresses the action of your body’s adrenal glands. Thid causes cancer patients to unable to react normally to...

  • Mitoxantrone side effects can lead to development of serious health issues such as heart problems, including heart failure, though this is rarely fatal...

  • Moringa.html

  • Moringa and Cancer are common topics these days. Discover latest truth on the anticancer properties of the plant against cancers.

  • Mouth Cancers Symptoms and Warning Signs tend to vary depending on the location of the tumor in the mouth. Learn how to recognize Oral Cancer Symptoms and Signs...

  • Mouth Cancer treatment options (conventional and alternative) to help patients recover safely from the disease. Also latest info on Mouth Cancer causes, warning signs, symptoms, and prevention methods

  • Mouth Cancer Symptoms and warning Signs information you need to know. Mouth cancer involves the formation and growth of cancer of the lips, tongue, gums and floor of the mouth...

  • Mouth Cancer alternative treatment as well as conventional treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery; and effective prevention methods

  • Multi-Modality Therapy: Often, a custom selection of treatment methods may be the best option to combat cancer. This is called Multi-Modality therapy, also known as Combination therapy. Many people like this route because it offers a high level of customization.

  • Multiple myeloma symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates and techniques, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Multiple myeloma causes are not clearly identified as the case of most cancers. However, the following are suspected as the common Myeloma Causes and...

  • Symptoms and treatment options for musculoskeletal / Soft Tissue Cancers: such as Bone Cancer, osteosarcoma, Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

  • Mutiple Myeloma Treatment (Myeloma Treatment) includes many therapies. Discover what therapeutic approaches you can use to improve your life. This Myeloma Treatment is important to prevent complications and..

  • Myeloma Complications are known to be fetal. Myeloma is a serious disease that can result in serious health problems and even death. Learn how to prevent Myeloma Complications and...

  • Myeloma Incidence and Statistics are considerable. the disease is account for nearly 10% of hematologic malignancies and 1% of all cancers, causing the death of...

  • Myeloma prevention is a little bit challenging the fact that the disease is not attributable to a unique cause. But the follwing prevention methods can help you...

  • Myeloma Risk Factors are not well understood to medical Researches; nevertheless, they have detected several factors that can lead to the occurrence of Myeloma and...

  • Myeloma Screening has not yet been developed; however, this effective myeloma diagnosis help patients to find out if they have multiple myeloma before the disease is an advanced stage.

  • Myeloma Stages and Treatment Options to help you not only know the stage of myeloma you have but also what treatment can be more effective in combating your cancer...

  • Multiple myeloma survival depends somehow on the stage of the cancer at diagnosis. Discover the latest Myeloma Survival Rates and steps you can take to increase your survival chance

  • Myeloma Symptoms tend to appear late giving the disease time to spread. However, you can identify the warning signs of the disease. Here is how to recognize Myeloma Symptoms and Warning Signs...

  • Nasal Cancer Symptoms and Signs or nasopharyngeal cancer signs and symptoms are not painful at the begining; they can be neglected. Nasal cancer is nevertheless a disease which should be noted. As with all other types of cancer...

  • Nasal Cavity Cancer causes, symptoms, treatment and support for patients and family. In addition, alternative nasal cavity cancer treatment is available for patients who prefer...

  • Nasopharyngeal cancer refers to a malignant tumor of the upper aerodigestive tract that develops ... This Nasopharyngeal Cancer treatment can lead to cure in patients that follow...

  • Nasopharyngeal Cancer Sympoms and Treatment (including alternative treatment) and support for patients and their family

  • Navelbine side effects can be fetal. In fact, adverse reactions can can result in death when misused or...

  • Nephroblastoma treatment and information that lead to healing in In 80% of cases.

  • Neuroblastoma symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Neuroblastoma Causes are not well known by the medical elite. In fact, in most cases of neuroblastoma, a cause is never identified. However, scientists believe....

  • Neuroblastoma Complications consists mostly of metastasis, the disease spreads to other parts of the body. Discover how to prevent Neuroblastoma Complications in your child and..

  • Neuroblastoma Incidence is not common. This is a childhood cancer accounts for approximately 7% of cancers in children under 15 years. Neuroblastoma is considered as...

  • Neuroblastoma Prevention Methods are not methodically determined given the causes of the disease are unknown. However, the best way to prevent Neuroblastoma...

  • Neuroblastoma Risk Factors are not well known; there are only suspicions. Some of the suspected Neuroblastoma Risk Factors include...

  • Neuroblastoma Screening and Diagnosis can be perfomred to either detect the diseae or to confirm that you have neuroblastoma. Learn what tests used to screen for neuroblastoma...

  • Neuroblastoma Stages determine the agressiveness of the tumor. Discover what stage of neuroblastoma you have and treatment options you can use to fight the tumor and...

  • Neuroblastoma Survival Rates can be good if you undergo the right treatment and do the following during the therapy...

  • Neuroblastoma Symptoms tend to vary depending on the location of the cancer in the body of the child. tumor, However, common Neuroblastoma Symptoms and Warning Signs...

  • Neuroblastoma Treatment Options and professional information you need to successfully treat the tumor.

  • Neuroblastoma is a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system called neuroblasts. Discover complete information on Neuroblastoma treatment and latest clinical trials

  • brain cancer and Spinal Cord Cancer are among the most common neurological Cancers. Discover their early signs and symptoms, and treatment options used to...

  • A New Blackberry Cancer Research has shown Blackberries are among the best anti cancer foods on the planet. However, blackberry cancer prevention is more than ...

  • Lung Cancer can now be detected up to 5 years before It can Be Seen on Scan through a simple blood Test. Finally, this allows to completely cure lung cancer

  • New breast cancer treatment has appeared on the market with good results as never before, experts say.

  • This new cancer drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to patients with advanced melanoma

  • New Cancer Treatment, which allows health professionals to not only better treat cancer but also considerably reduce side effects in the patients, is finally available

  • New discovery on saw palmetto benefits in fighting common men's problems such as BPH, prostatitis, prostate cancer, hair loss...The study reveals saw palmetto and enlarged prostate are...

  • Nexavar side effects are sometimes severe. Heart problems might occur when taking Nexavar. Temporary or permanent discontinuation of the treatment may be necessary if cancer patients experience...

  • Latest news on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Treatment by the Researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah...

  • Finally cancer patients can be treated and possibly cured with no chemotherapy in their cancer treatment. Discover this latest...

  • Nolvadex can cause rare but very serious side effects including strokes, blood clots in the lungs and/or in the legs and uterine cancer. Before being treated with the medication, you need to...

  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma treatment options and latest therapeutic approaches to help you successfully combat the cancer and...

  • Discover non-Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Incidence and Statistics are considerable. The disease is the most common of all lung cancers. Get the latest Lung Cancer Incidence and Statistics...

  • Non Small Cell Lung Cancer causes and Risk Factors that you need know to be able to protect yourself from the disease

  • Non Small Lung Cancer Complications are, most of the times, fetal. Discover how to prevent lung cancer complications and...

  • Lung Cancer Prevention Methods and support you need to stop smoking and other factors that can cause lung cancer

  • Lung Cancer Screening is an effective way to detect the tumor before it is agressive. Get the latest information on Lung cancer Diagnosis and screening...

  • Non Small Lung Cancer Stages and Survival tips that you can use to save your life. Get the latest update on Lung Cancer Stages and Survival Rates...

  • Non Small Lung Cancer Survival techniques and Prognosis information from trusted sources

  • Non Small Lung Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs latest information from top cancer research groups in the country

  • Non Small Lung Cancer Treatment Options and support to help you sucessfully fight the tumor and prevent complications, relieve the symptoms and...

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Complications occur when cancer cells spread to other organs to form other cancers. Discover how to prevent Lymphoma Complications and...

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Symptoms are usually characterized by a painless enlargement of lymph nodes. Learn how to recognize Lymphoma Symptoms and warning Signs

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment and Prognosis rates you need to know. Latest informtion including difference between hodgkins versus non hodgkins (hodgkins vs non hodgkins) and non hodgkin lymphoma prognosis...

  • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Statistics latest information and news update from trusted sources

  • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Causes are not well known, but certain factors are suspected in the development of the disease. Discover common Lymphoma Causes and...

  • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Risk Factors information and new update from trusted sources

  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Causes and latest information on treatment options, prevention methods and...

  • Novantrone can lead to development of serious health problem. The medication has been shown to increase or cause serious heart damage. Also...

  • Eating oat against cancer can be surprising for most people, but recent studies have confirmed oat have amazing anti cancer properties.

  • Cancer has been around since antiquity, new discovery reveals. A group of researchers has discovered what seems to be the oldest cancer case in world history

  • Oncovin is known to cause serious adverse effects. The medication should be used cautiously in patients having infections, decreased bone marrow reserve, liver disease, pulmonary dysfunction...

  • These claims – “onion and cancer prevention” and “onion and cancer treatment” – have been around decades. Discover what recent studies have found on the role of the vegetable in fighting cancers.

  • Oral cancer (mouth cancer) warning signs, symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates and trechniques, as well as prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Mouth Cancer Causes are better known by the medical elite than other types of cancer. Learn all the common Oral Cancer causes and...

  • Mouth Cancer Complications can lead to serious health and esthetic problems. Learn how to prevent Oral Cancer complications and other...

  • Oral Cancer Incidence and statistics have increased in most developed countries in the recent decades. Get the latest on Mouth Cancer incidence and Statistics...

  • Mouth Cancer Prevention Methods to help you not vecome a victim of oral cancer

  • Mouth Cancer Risk Factors are not completely known, but scientists have suspicions. Discover all the common risk factors of oral cancer and...

  • Mouth Cancer Screening tests diagnostic procedures to help you not only detect the tumor also treat it early. Oral Cancer screening includes...

  • Mouth Cancer Stages and Survival Rates Information you need to be able to recognize the stage of oral cancer you have and techniques you can use to increase your survival rates...

  • Mouth cancer survival rates latest information and tips to help you survive your oral cancer.

  • Oral Cancer Symptoms and treatment options that can save your life. Oral cancer is a type of cancer in which cancer cells first originate and grow in areas including the lips, tongue, cheeks, mouth, sinuses and...

  • Oral Cancer Treatment Options and latest news update to help you become cancer free. This new Mouth Cancer Treatment includes...

  • Orange juice and cancer have been under research for decades. New studies have shown Orange as a great cancer treatment and prevention. The fruit not only prevent cancer cells from forming but also inhibit the progression of malignant cells in individuals already diagnosed with the disease.

  • Oropharyngeal Cancer treatment, as well as alternative treatment for patients who want to go natural, and latest info about Oropharyngeal Cancer Symptoms

  • Oropharyngeal Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and latest information on prevention methods available. There is also an alternative Oropharyngeal Cancer treatment option for patients who...

  • Osteosarcoma, also known as Osteogenic Sarcoma, is a cancer of the bone. Discover the latest information on Osteosarcoma treatment (chemotherapy, surgery) as well as causes, symptoms...

  • Osteosarcoma Treatment and information from the latest research to be able to recognize its early signs. Most of the times, Osteosarcoma symptoms and warning signs include

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  • Ovarian Cancer Complications happens due to the fact the tumor is often diagnosed at an advanced stage. Discover how to prevent ovarian cancer complications and...

  • Ovarian Cancer Causes are not clearly identified, but certain factors are known to increas the risk. Get the latest info on Ovarian Cancer Causes and...

  • Ovarian Cancer latest information such as its Causes, Stages, Treatment and death Statistics. Discover best ovarian cancer treatment centers which offers not only convetiuonal treatment but also alternative treatments for ovarian cancer

  • Ovarian Cancer Incidence and Statistics and latest information from the top cancer research groups you can trust...

  • Ovarian Cancer Prevention Methods that can help you avoid becoming a victim of the disease. These Cancer Prevention Methods can...

  • Ovarian Cancer Risk factors and common suspected causes of the disease you need to know in order to prevent it before it's...

  • Ovarian Cancer Screening Test, Diagnosis and latest information on prevention methods and treatment options that all women need to know

  • Ovarian cancer symptoms, causes, new treatment options, survival rates and techniques, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Ovarian Cancer Stages and Survival techniques to help you get rid of the cancer. Regardless of the Ovarian Cancer Stage you have you can...

  • Ovarian Cancer Survival Rates and professional information to help you increase your survival chance...

  • Ovarian Cancer Symptoms can be subtil at the begening, but it is important to detect them as ovarian cancer is one of the top ten deadliest cancers in the US. However the disease can be cured if the symptoms are caught in the early stages...

  • Ovarian Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs that most people ignore, yet important to be identified. Learn the common Ovarian Cancer Symptoms and signs...

  • Ovarian Cancer conventional Treatment Options and alternative therapies to help you get rid of the cancer...

  • Ovarian cancer is not promoted by Ovarian stimulation, according to latest research. Discover the main common Ovarian cancer causes and risks

  • Oxaliplatin has been known to cause an allergic reaction in certain cases. The best indicators of an allergic reaction include...

  • Paclitaxel will sometimes lead to serious blood problems, reducing the number of white blood cells in the body. Before taking this medication, you need to be aware of these fetal adverse reactions...

  • Paget’s Disease of the Nipple is a fairly rare form of breast cancer. It is a condition in which cancer cells form in and around the nipple. This type of cancer is thought to account for about 5% of all breast cancer cases in the US, and...

  • Pamidronate use can result in serious side effects such as pain or sores in the jaw or mouth or symptoms related to low levels of...

  • Pancreatic cancer Causes are not clearly idnetified as the case of most cancers. But scientists have suspected some factors. Get the latest on pancreatic Cancer Causes and...

  • Pancreatic Cancer can lead to fetal complications; therefore, prevention of these problems is crucial. pancreatic cancer symtoms that indicate complications...

  • Pancreatic Cancer Incidence should be taken in consideration, Worldwide, over 216 000 new cases of the cancer are diagnosed each year. Get the latest Pancreatic Cancer Statisics

  • Pancreatic Cancer Prevention Methods to help you avoid the risk factors that can lead to development of the disease...

  • Pancreatic Cancer Risks are ranged from enviromental to genetic factors. Get the latest information on pancreatic cancer risk factors...

  • Pancreatic Cancer Screening and early diagnosis allow your physician to detect the tumor early, and thus increase your survival chance. A pancreatic cancer test is the...

  • Pancreatic Cancer Stages express the extent of the cancer at diagnosis. Get the latest information on Pancreatic Cancer Stages...

  • Pancreatic Cancer Survival rates update and professional information to increase your pancreas cancer survival chance...

  • Pancreatic cancer symptoms, causes, new treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Pancreatic Cancer symptoms and warning Signs you need to be able to recognize so that you can catch the tumor early. Common pancreatic cancer signs...

  • Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms in Men can be similar to those of certain common diseases. Pancreatic cancer is a very serious form of cancer which should be treated earliest possible. Discover the symptoms and treatment options of pancreatic cancer and...

  • Pancreatic cancer is a very serious type of cancer which can develop in either men or women. Learn the latest update on Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms and treatment options to help you...

  • Pancreatic conventional cancer treatment options and alternative pancreatic cancer treatment to help you become cancer free

  • Pancreatic Cancer Layest Treatment Options and information on its Stages, Survival and Life Expectancy to help you become and stay free of Pancreatic Cancer...

  • The results of a Pancreatic Cancer Trial with a new cancer drug called Simtuzumab were released today. Discover the results of that study and what this new chemotherapy drug can do

  • Paraplatin can cause allergic reaction which can have serious consequences. See your physician immediately If you experience symptoms such as uncommon...

  • Passion fruit is a potent weapon to fight against erectile dysfunction, cancer, asthma, hypertension, degenerative joint diseases...

  • Pemetrexed should not be administered to patients with severe kidney disease. One patient died of drug-related toxicity following administration...

  • Conventional Penile Cancer treatment options - surgery, radiation, chemotherapy - as well as alternative cancer treatment for patients who prefer to go natural.

  • Discover Penile Cancer Warning Signs and Symptoms to help you catch the disease in its early stage before it spreads. Common Penile Cancer Symptoms include

  • Penile Cancer is rare but in increasing in many parts of the world. Get the latest on Penile Cancer Warning Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention.

  • Perjeta (Pertuzumab), a new cancer drug used to tereat women with HER2-positive advanced or metastatic breast cancer, is effectively prolong life without... This new breast cancer breatment

  • Pharyngeal Cancer A to Z information on its development, causes, warning signs, symptoms, treatment. Our latest Pharyngeal Cancer Treatment includes alternatives for patients who...

  • Photodynamic therapy combines a special drug, known as a photosensitizing agent, and a certain light to kill cancer cells. Some of the drugs are applied topically such as aminolevulinic acid (ALA) and methyl ester of ALA.

  • Phyllodes tumors of the breast is a very rare form of breast cancer. It can be either benign or malignant. We will discuss the malignant form here. The tumor forms in the connective tissue which surrounds and supports the breast rather than it the epithelial tissue which is the kind of tissue which lines the milk ducts and lobules.

  • Physical Therapy for Cancer Patients: This type of therapy uses physical exercise and stretching in addition to other techniques in order to help the patient have a better quality of life based on his or her situation. Physical therapy is often used in conjunction

  • A new study on pineapple and cancer treatment has shown the fruit is more powerful in fighting cancers than the drug 5-fluorouracil. In addition, pineapple and breast cancer, prostate... lung... liver...

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a popular movement to stop the diease from causing more death all over the world. Discover all programs in this October Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Pituitary Tumor Symptoms and Treatment information for Pituitary Tumor patients and their family. Also available are pituitary cancer treatment and support...

  • Pituitary tumors can be benign (adenoma) or cancerous. Discover Pituitary cancer symptoms and benign Pituitary Tumor Symptoms and other information about treatment and ...

  • Platinolmay may cause severe kidney problems, severe allergic reactions, and bleeding problems. During treatment with the medication, you should never...

  • Pleomorphic Sarcoma, formnely known as Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma, is a rare cancer that can lead to fetal results. Discover A to Z about Pleomorphic Sarcoma treatment and techniques to use to prevent its complications

  • "Plum cancer prevention" is what a new study has shown. Discover the latest on plum and breast cancer, colon cancer, as well as dried plums nutrition...

  • Prayer As Alternative Cancer Treatment is not new. People from all parts of the world pray for healing. Discover what it takes to make your prayer if you want to use it as Alternative Cancer Treatment.

  • Eating walnuts (or the walnut oil) daily helps to prevent Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer as well as diabetes, heart disease memory decline and most importantly...

  • Your privacy is very important to us. We don't collect or share your information with any third party. By visiting cancereffects.com you are...

  • Prostate Cancer and Sex is an uncomfortable topic for men who suffer from prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. If you are one of them, here is a solution that can change your life.

  • Prostate cancer awareness in order to keep men all over the world focus on the disease and inform the public of this latest Prostate Cancer treatment and...

  • Prostate Cancer Causes are not clearly known, but there are certain factors known to increase the risk. Discover common Prostate cancer causes include...

  • Prostate Cancer Complications happens when the tumor has spread to other organs or due to the side effects of the treatment. Learn how to prevent Prostate Cancer Complications and..

  • Prostate Cancer screening and early diagnosis are necessary to improve survival chance. One of the main prostate cancer test performed is...

  • Prostate cancer Incidence is high all over the world. In fact, the disease is the most common cancer in men over 50 years old. Prostate Cancer Statistics for 2012 are...

  • Prostate cancer prevention diet and information on some foods which you need to avoid in your diet if you want to become or stay cancer-free

  • Prostate cancer prevention methods to help you not only prevent the disease but also prevent complications in case you already have prostate cancer.

  • Prostate cancer risk factors are multiple and most of them can be avoided. Discover common factors that can increase your chance of having prostate cancer and...

  • Prostate cancer stages determine the survival in most cases. Get the latest information on prostate cancer stages and steps you can take to increase your survival even if you have stage 4 prostate cancer

  • Prostate cancer survival rates and latest information on how to increase your survival chance during and after the prostate cancer treatment.

  • Prostate Cancer Symptoms can be uncomfortable. In fact, the disease is one of the top ten deadliest cancers in the US so it’s very important to be aware of the warning signs and understand the symptoms in order to help to diagnose it early. Discover the early symptoms and signs of prostate cancer...

  • Prostate Cancer Symptoms often start to occur late when the disease is already advanced. Learn common Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs so that you can...

  • Prostate Cancer Treatment Options include surgery, cryosurgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormonal therapy. But discover how this alternative prostate cancer treatment can change...

  • Prostate Cancer Treatment Options leading to complete prostate cancer cure. Get the latest information on metastatic prostate cancer symptoms and prostate cancer stages treatment...

  • Prostate cancer screening, symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information on prostate cancer and sex techniques

  • Prune juice and cancer are enemies according to new studies. The Anti cancer Properties of the fruit inhibit the formation and development of malignant cells in breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer...

  • Prostate cancer screening can do more harm than good according to a new research. Learn more...

  • Most individuals diagnosed with cancer tend to develop emotional and physiological effects. Although it is impossible to detail all cancer effects in the life of a cancer patient, this article mentioned common emotional effects of cancer and its treatment, and the way to cope with them:

  • Radiation Poisoning, also called radiation sickness, is any damage to an organ or tissue due to unprotected or excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. Learn what you can do to prevent radiation side effects and…

  • breast radiation radiation treatment radiation treatments breast cancer radiation cancer radiation radiation therapy

  • Radiation Therapy is a method of treating cancer by using radiation. But do you know the radition itsaelf can lead to other cancer? Learn A to Z about Radiotherapy

  • Radiation therapy is often used in many types of cancer treatment. Discover A to Z about therapy and what to expect from the radiation therapy in your fight against the cancer.

  • A Rare type of kidney cancer gives researchers useful insights on role of metabolic changes in cancer. Learn more about this dicovery

  • Anti-cancer Benefits of Raspberry are found mostly in two powerful ingredients...new “raspberry cancer research” has shown that anti-malignant effect effects can be compared with the drug... black raspberry cancer prevention.

  • Reclast can lead to development of serious side effects. Although rare, serious kidney failure has been associated with the use of Reclast in patients with a history of or risk factors for kidney problem. Cases of...

  • Rectal Cancer Causes and Risk Factors and methods you can use to reduce these risks and live a cancer free life.

  • rectal cancer information on references for researches and..

  • Rectal Cancer Symptoms and information on its warning signs to help you detect the disease early in order to increase your healing chance. Common Rectal Cancer signs include...

  • Rectal cancer is the third leading deadly cancer in USA. Discover the latest on rectal cancer treatment, causes, symptoms, diet, prevention

  • Recurrent breast cancer is a very frustrating and potentially dangerous form of breast cancer. Discover the latest recurrent breast cancer treatment options and survival tips to help you avoid fetal consequences...

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  • Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer are the two most common Respiratory cancers. Discover their warning symptoms and treatment options for them. Mesothelioma include...

  • Retinoblastoma treatment and professional information on the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of the disease.

  • Rhabdomyosarcoma treatment and information on its signs and syptoms, causes and latest news update for parents having a child suuffering from Rhabdomyosarcoma .

  • Rheumatrex tends to cause serious side effects that patients need to be aware of. Kidney problems are associated with prolonged use of this drug, so it will be important for you to...

  • Rituxan is a very powerful drug that can cause serious health problems. Common complication of the medication include breathing problems, heart problems, skin reactions, and very rarely, brain infection...

  • Rituximab also damages healthy organs by attacking cancer cells. This drug may cause severe breathing problems or heart problems, like low blood pressure, heart attack and irregular heartbeat.

  • Rob Ford, the Toronto Mayor, Has Liposarcoma, a Rare Type of Cancer that is very agressive and difficult to treat. Discover the latest...

  • Salivary Gland Cancer warning signs, symptoms and treatment options to help patients and their family better understand the cancer and make the wise decision. Our Salivary Gland Cancer treatment includes...

  • Salivary Gland Cancer is a rare but serious condition. Discover the latest information on its Incidence, causes, warning signs, symptoms. Salivary Gland Cancer Teatment: Conventional and alternative

  • Sarcoma Causes and Risk Factors and latest treatment options as well as news update on the cancer.

  • Sarcoma Symptoms, warning signs and diagnostic procedures commonly performed by cancer specialists

  • Sarcoma Treatment Options and survival techniques to help patient become free of the cancer or live longer with the sarcoma.

  • Sarcoma is a serious cancer that can be deadly without proper treatment. Get the latest info on sarcoma causes, symptoms, treatment...

  • Cancer prevention is far better than cancer treatment, as they say. Discover how you can a life free of cancer by taking these simple steps.

  • Discover amazing shallot health benefits and its cancer Prevention Properties. After reading this article you will look at shallots differently.

  • Sinus Cancer Symptoms can take different characteristics including bad breath. Discover the early paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancer symptoms and sinus cancer treatment options to...

  • Skin Cancer Causes including sun prolonged exposure, tanning, genetics. However, melanoma skin cancer, squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma are...

  • Skin cancer Complications can be serious health and esthetic issues; you don't need to experience them. Learn how to prevent skin cancer complications...

  • Skin Cancer Incidence and Statistics and latest skin cancer information on the number of people suffering from the disease.

  • Skin Cancer Prevention Methods and professional information to help you prevent complications if you already have the disease

  • Skin cancer Risk factors that you need to sucessfully prevent the disease. Common skin cancer risks include...

  • Skin Cancer Screening and early Diagnosis are crucial to prevent fetal complications. Learn how this skin cancer test can help your dermatologist...

  • Skin Cancer Stages and Treatment Options that can be recommended by your doctor to eradicate the tumor

  • Skin Cancer Survival rates and latest information on the prognosis of the disease

  • Skin Cancer Symptoms and early warning signs you need to be aware of in order to detect the disease before it's advanced. Common Skin cancer sings

  • Skin cancer symptoms and warning signs can be easily detected. The disease is fairly common and highly treatable type of cancer. Learn how to detect signs and symptoms of skin cancer in the early stages.

  • Skin Cancer conventional treatment options and alternative skin cancer treatment to increase your survival chance.

  • Skin Cancer Types are categorized depending on the group of cells affected: squamous or non-melanomas and melanomas. Common types of skin cancer include...

  • Skin cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates and techniques, prevention methods and latest information about Melanoma Skin Cancer

  • Radiation therapy can damage your skin; a proper care is very important. Most skin problems that can cause radiation therapy include...

  • Discover the latest on small cell lung cancer (Small cell lung carcinoma or oat cell carcinoma) symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and news

  • Small cell lung cancer causes are mostly known as smoking causes the majority of lung cancers. Other Lung Cancer Causes include...

  • Lung cancer incidence rates and statistics by country, gender and race - lung cancer survival statistics

  • Small-cell lung cancer Risk factors are the same as for any other type of lung cancer: The number one risk for lung cancer is...

  • Small Cell Lung Cancer Screening and Diagnosis to search for signs indicating small cell lung cancer

  • Small cell lung cancer Stages help your physician determine the extren of the tumor in your lung. Learn common Lung Cancer Stages and tips to improce survival chance

  • Small cell lung cancer Symptoms and warning signs you should know to be able to detect the disease before it's too late. Common lung cancer signs include...

  • Small Cell Lung Cancer Conventional Treatment Options and alternative new lung cancer treatment to help you make cancer history

  • Sorafenib (Nexavar) side effects can be fetal. For instance, heart problems such as ischemia and heart attack (infarction) can occur. Hemorrhage and high blood pressure (hypertension) are also...

  • "Soursop Cancer Treatment" is it a hoax or reality? Discover what a recent Soursop and Cancer Study has found...

  • Sprycel can cause dangerous side effects. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning regarding the risk of complications in patients being treated with...

  • Squamous cell carcinoma symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Causes and risk factors you should be aware of in order to prevent the disease

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma complications can lead to not only health fetal problems but also esthetic issues. Learn how to reduce skin cancer Complications and Squamous Cell Carcinoma...

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Incidence and Statistics are increasing which makes the disease the most common skin cancer after basal cell carcinoma, Get the latest info on Squamous Cell Carcinoma Incidence and Statistics

  • Squamous cell carcinoma prevention methods and support in case you've already been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Risk Factors can be avoided in most cases. Learn how to reduce your risk for Squamous Cell Carcinoma

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Screening and Diagnosis procedures to help you dectect and treat the skin cancer...

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma stages express the extent of the tumor. Learn more on skin cancer stages including Squamous Cell Carcinoma Stages

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survival depends on not only the extent of the tumor but also on your participation in fighting the cancer. Discover what you can do to improve your Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survival...

  • Squamous cell carcinoma signs be recognized with no advanced diagnostic procedures. Learn how Squamous Cell Carcinoma Symptoms can...

  • Squamous cell carcinoma treatment options and professional support you need to get rid of the cancer

  • Stomach Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Options can be taken for symptoms of other stomach diseases . However, it is important to identify these symptoms and undergo an effective stomach cancer treatment. Discover how to...

  • Stomach cancer treatment can lead to healing if you... Discover common warning signs, causes, as well as information on stomach cancer surgery and prevention methods

  • Sunbathing and Tanning Bed have created a rising rates of skin cancer in the USA, said the Surgeon general. Learn more...

  • Strawberries have been under many new studies. Discover what the researchers have found on Strawberry and breast cancer, and strawberry and prostate cancer.

  • Sutent (Sunitinib) may cause serious complications. You should be aware of all the side effects to quickly and immediately seek medical care in case you experience any of them. Common sunitinib side effects include...

  • Sunitinib can cause serious heart problem. The use of the medication has been associated with dysfunction of the heart’s left ventricle and...

  • Tamoxifen may produce many serious side effects that you should be aware in case you experience any of them. Call your health care provider immediately if you experience any...

  • Tarceva (Erlotinib) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November 2005 for the treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer (see indications below) in combination with Gemcitabin.

  • Targeted therapy is a special form of cancer treatment that is able to single out cancerous cells and cancerous portions of cells without causing damage to healthy cell material.

  • Taxol side effects can be lifethreatening. There have been several warnings issued with regards to this particular medication. One of the most severe possibilities is the

  • Taxotere can cause serious complications that patients need to be aware. Taxotere can cause certain blood disorders, such as an extremely low white blood cell count...

  • T-cell lymphoma warning signs, symptoms and treatment, and information on steps you can take to cure or live longer with the cancer. Lymphoma treatment includes both...

  • T-cell Lymphoma A to Z information such as causes, warning signs, symptoms, treatment and survival tips.

  • Testicular cancer causes are not known in in most cases, but some factors seem to be responsible. Get the latest info on Testicular Cancer Causes

  • Testicular Cancer Complications can lead to serious or fetal health issues; you need to prevent that from happening. Learn how to prevent Testicular Cancer Complications and..

  • Testicular Cancer Incidence are basically low in the world, especially among black men. Get the latest Testicular Cancer Statistics on cancereffects.com

  • Testicular Cancer Prevention Methods and the best decision you can make to catch the cancer at an early stage

  • Testicular Cancer Risk Factors suspected in the development of the disease include...

  • Testicular Cancer Screening test and information on the latest diagnostic procedures

  • Testicular Cancer Stages are used to determine the extent of the tumor and the Survival chance of the patient....

  • Testicular Cancer Survival is good. In fact, complete recovery from testicular cancer diagnosed early is 100 percent. Get the latest on Testicular Cancer prognosis

  • Testicular Cancer Symptoms tend to manifest early, unlike many other cancers. Common early testicular cancer signs include...

  • Testicular Cancer Treatment options and support from the top cancer research groups. Get the most appropriate and effective treatment for your testicular cancer

  • Testicular cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Cancer causes a lot of debates, and billions are spent every year for a cure. Finally a cancer specialist has predicted the end of cancer for 2030. Get the details!

  • The more sex you have the more you decrease your risk of developing prostate cancer, according to results of a study published in the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology.

  • The Simpsons creator, Sam Simon, is dying from terminal cancer. Learn about his last intervew, latest words, and who he will leave his fortune, $ 100 million, for...

  • New breast cancer treatment options with latest techniques to help you become cancer free and enjoy your life, from alternative to conventional treatment.

  • Throat cancer causes that everyone should know about in order to prevent the cancer from affecting them

  • Throat cancer complications can lead to the development of other cancers and even death. Common Throat, head and neck cancer Complications include...

  • Throat Cancer Incidence is not high in the United States, unlike in other parts of the world. Get the latest info on Throat Cancer, Head And Neck Cancer Statistics

  • Throat Cancer Prevention methods to help you reduce the risk for throat, head and neck cancer

  • Throat Cancer Risk Factors that most people tend to neglect, yet can be fetal

  • Throat Cancer Screening test and and Diagnostic procedures that can help not only fight the tumor but also succesfully treat it.

  • Throat Cancer stages are expression of the extension of the tumor. Discover your Throat Cancer Stage and your Survival chance...

  • Throat Cancer Survival Rates and the Prognosis realted to each stage

  • Throat Cancer Early Symptoms and Treatment Options information for people who are at risk of the disease and those already diagnosed with throat cancer. Discover hpv and throat cancer connection and all throat cancer survival rate tips and...

  • Throat Cancer signs can be taken for any other throat disease. It is therefore important to clearly understand how Throat Cancer Symptoms can

  • Throat Cancer Treatment Options and support from the top cancer reseach and support groups in the country

  • Throat cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest news update

  • Thyroid Cancer Causes are not clearly known; but certain risk factors have been suspected. Get the latest info on Thyroid Cancer Causes and risk factors

  • Thyroid cancer complications can be a matter of death; it is crucial to prevent them. Learn how to reduce the risk for Thyroid Cancer Complications...

  • Thyroid Cancer Incidence is rare, although there is an increased cases over the last two decades. Get the latest Thyroid Cancer Statisitcs

  • Thyroid Cancer Prevention methods include several factors. Get the latest techniques used to prevent thyroid cancer and...

  • Thyroid Cancer Risk Factors and suspected causes you need to know to reduce your risk for having it...

  • Thyroid cancer screening tests and diagnostic methods to detect the cancer before it's metastatic

  • Thyroid Cancer Stages allow your oncologist to determine the most appropriate treatment to fight the disease. Learn more about thyroid Cancer Stages and Survival...

  • Thyroid Cancer Survival Rates and Prognosis information you need to know if you are a Thyroid Cancer patient

  • Thyroid Cancer Symptoms and Treatmnt options to help you come out victorious of the cancer. So it’s important to pay close attention to some of these key thyroid cancer symptoms...

  • Thyroid Cancer Signs are often neglected at the begenning, which give the disease more to extend. ymptoms: thyroid cancer can be completely Discover how to recognize Thyroid Cancer Symptoms and Warning Signs

  • Thyroid Cancer conventional Treatment ptions and effective thyroid cancer alternative treatment to help you become cancer free

  • Thyroid cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods, and discover the latest natural alternative cancer treatments

  • Tobacco Smoking can lead to Eight to Ten Years Life Reduction, but there is more than that according to several new studies.

  • Tomato and cancer prevention has been a controversial topic. Discover what these studies reveal on tomano and cancer treatment as well as lycopene and prostate cancer treatment...

  • Tongue Cancer is a rare but very embarrassing tumor; you need to prevent it before it occurs. If you have already had it, discover our latest conventional tongue cancer treatment as well as our alternative cancer treatment

  • Tongue Cancer very disturbing tumor that can cause serious embarrassment. If you have already had it, discover our latest conventional tongue cancer treatment as well as our alternative cancer treatment

  • Tongue Cancer Symptoms and signs can be detected early. Learn how to understand and recognize the key tongue cancer symptoms to identify the presence of cancer hopefully before it has developed and...

  • Discover the 10 best anti cancer foods that have been shown to fight terminal cases where conventional therapies fail. This anti cancer foods list includes diet for all types of cancer: breast, brain, lung, bowel, colon...

  • These Cancer Symptoms ( in Both Men and Women) are often the first indication of a cancer in your body. Learn how to recognize the Top Cancer Symptoms signs and symptoms so that you can detect the disease in its early stage preventing...

  • Certain Cancer Symptoms in Men tend to strike men either exclusively or in greater proportion. Learn the Top Cancer Symptoms In Men and steps to take in case you are experience any of them...

  • These Cancer Symptoms in Women are sometimes neglected which can ce fetal. Learn how to detect them and take necessary action. There are many types of cancer which can affect different parts of the body. Some of these types are also largely confined to women.

  • Cancer symptoms can be neglected at the begenining, giving the disease time to spread in the body, thus reducing survival chance. Discover the top Cancer symptoms and Warning Signs such as mesothelioma symptoms and prostate symptoms

  • Topotecan can lead to fetal side effects in fragike patients. The medication can affect the bone marrow and cause a sharp decrease in various types of blood cells including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets...

  • Trastuzumab side effects should not be neglected as they can be serious. This medication can cause serious heart problems, especially if you are taking....

  • Learn more about chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia treatment and latest update on survival rates as well as prevention methods.

  • Trexall side effects can be life-threatening. In rare case, this medication has caused serious and sometimes fatal complications or...

  • Using turmeric as cancer treatment and prevention has been known for over a decade. Discover what 3 studies have found: curcumin can treat prostate cancer, breast cancer...

  • Breast cancer types and treatment options available to help you fight the disease. Discover early breast cancer symptoms so that you can detect the tumor before it becomes agressive and...

  • Discover all types of cancer by each organ, and effective treatment for each one of them, to help you understand better the nature of the disease. In addition, learn the early symptoms of each cancer so that you detect the disease before it becomes...

  • Types of Esophageal Cancer are grouped depending on the group of cells from which the tumor develops. Most common Types of Esophageal Cancer include...

  • There are different types of gastric cancer also known as stomach cancer); the most common types include...

  • Medical professionals have detected several types of kidney cancer, depending on the type of cells or tissue affected. The mian Types of Kidney Cancer include...

  • Types of Liver Cancer and their Treatment Options - Liver cancer is categorized depending on the cells or tissues affected. In general, liver cancer is classified into these several groups...

  • Common types of mesothelioma include peritoneal mesothelioma, pleural mesothelioma, Pericardial mesothelioma. Discover the symptoms of each and treatment options available to...

  • Discover all types of Ovarian Cancer and Treatment Options available to help you become cancer free.

  • Squamous cell carcinoma is devided in may types the fact the tumor can take different forms. Learn all types of squamous cell carcinoma and treatment options available...

  • Throat cancer types are determined depending on the group of cells affected by the tumor. Therefore, a throat cancer can be named...

  • Vaginal cancer is categorized in different types named depending on the group of cells affected. A vaginal cancer can be...

  • Urethral Cancer Symptoms and information to help you discover its warning sgns.

  • Urethral cancer treatment and natural alternative therapies to help you become free of the cancer.

  • Urethral Cancer is a rare but serious type of cancer. Discover warning signs, as well as its causes, symptoms, and treatment. Our Urethral Cancer treatment includes..

  • Prolonged or regular use of eReader, laptop, smartphone at bedtime can cause breast cancer, prostate cancer and other serious health problems. new study has revealed.

  • Uterine Cancer Causes cannot clearly explained, but the following factors are suspected as the causes of Uterine Cancer...

  • Uterine cancer complications can lead to the death of the patient without proper care. Learn how to prevent uterine cancer complications

  • Uterine Cancer Incidence is not low, given the disease is one of the most common cancer of the female genital tract. Get the latest Uterine Cancer statistics

  • Uterine cancer prevention methods that can help you successfully prevent the cancer and other types of cancer...

  • Uterine cancer risk factors that seem to increase your risk of developing the disease include:..

  • Uterine cancer screening and diagnosis include tests and other diagnostic procedures such as imaging...

  • Uterine cancer stages and survival techniques you can use to increase your healing chance regardless of the Uterine Cancer Stage you have...

  • Uterine cancer survival rates and latest prognostic information you need to survive the cancer

  • Uterine cancer signs tend to emerge early, fortunately. But you need to be able to recognize them. Learn more about common Uterine Cancer symptoms and warning Signs...

  • Uterine cancer treatment and alternative endometrial uterine cancer treatment that can help you get rid of the disease

  • Uterine cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Uterine Sarcoma, also know as cancer of the uterus, is a rare but serious cancer. Discover the latest on its warning signs and symptoms, as well as our most recent uterine sarcoma treatment

  • Discover common uterine sarcoma causes and risk factors to help you prevent the disease. Also Learn the uterine Sarcoma Warning Signs and Symptoms

  • Learn about uterine Sarcoma Diagnosis and information about its different stages of growth. Uterine cancer is rare but dangerous; learn how to prevent or successfully fight it.

  • Uterine Sarcoma Treatment Options and prevention methods to help you successfully fight the cancer or prevent it from affecting you.

  • Vaginal Cancer Causes are mostly unknown; but the following risk factors seem to increase the risk for having it...

  • Vaginal Cancer Complications can cause major damage to the pelvic bones through the inguinal lymph nodes and...

  • Vaginal Cancer Incidence is rare, representing 1 to 3% of cancers of the female genital tract. Get the latest info on Vaginal Cancer Statistics

  • Vaginal Cancer Prevention methods and early detection methods to detect any change or precancerous lesions in your vagina.

  • Vaginal cancer risk factors and causes all women should know to reduce their of having theis fetal disease. Common vaginal cancer risks...

  • Vaginal Cancer Screening tests, vaginal biopsy and diagnosis to confirm you have the disease in your body and undergoinf proper vaginal cancer treatment

  • Vaginal Cancer stages are used to determine the extent of the tumor and choose the most appropriate treatment to combat it

  • Vaginal Cancer Survival Rates and latest Prognosis update from the top cancer research groups

  • Vaginal Cancer Symptoms tend to appear tardively after the tumor has gained control on vaginal tissue. Common vaginal cancer signs you need to be on alert for include...

  • Vaginal Cancer Treatment Options and professional support to help you not only control your Vaginal Cancer Symptoms but also completely cure it

  • Vaginal cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options, survival rates, prevention methods and latest information and news update from cancereffects.com.

  • Prostate cancer is a very serious disease that sends 1000's of men to grave every year. But did you know vasectomy can increase your risks for the disease?

  • Vasectomy Associated with an Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer, study finds. but certain groups of men are even more in danger. If you're planing for a Vasectomy, discover your risk for Prostate Cancer

  • Vegetables and Fruits can do wonder as Alternative Cancer Treatment. But what plants really work and which is one of them is the top? Learn the answers to these questions and...

  • Vincristine can be a dangerous treatment for some, and it is very important to discuss the risks with your doctor. Vincristine should never be administered...

  • Vinorelbine side effects can be fetal in certain type of cancer patients. Deaths have occurred when medications similar to Vinorelbine have beenn injected into the spine.

  • Injection of High Dose of Vitamin C Seems to Reduce chemotherapy side effects and improve its properties against cancer.

  • Cancer prevention is the wisest mean to enjoy a life free of this fetal disease; there is no doubt. But do you know Vitamin D can reduce your risk of cancer by up to 50%?

  • Vulvar Cancer is a rare but serious malignancy that can drastically affect a woman's life. Discover all about cancer of the vulva to help you successfully prevent ot fight it.

  • Vulvar cancer causes are not well known, but these risk factors are suspected in its development... Common vulvar cancer symptoms include painful intercourse...

  • Vulvar cancer diagnosis, stages as well as survival information to help patients successfully defeat the cancer.

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  • New studies on Walnuts and Cancer Prevention reveal consuming two handfuls of walnuts daily prevents breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.

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