Skin Cancer Prevention

Unlike many type of cancer, skin cancer can be prevented. In fact, nearly 90% of skin cancers could be prevented by simply protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. The following steps can help you prevent all types of skin cancer:

  • Avoid tanning beds – tanning beds degage UVA rays that can penetrate into your skin and causes precancerous skin lesions, which can turn into cancer. Avoid them as long as you can.
  • Regular medical visit – If you have been treated with melanoma, it is recommended that you see your doctor every six months for two years and then annually. These preventive measures are needed to detect a recurrence of the disease.
  • Check your skin regularly – it is important to regularly check your skin to detect skin changes or changes in your moles. This is even more important if you have been diagnosed with melanoma.
  • Avoid sun exposure – prolonged exposure to sunlight is the main risk factor for melanoma and therefore avoid them should be your first step in preventing skin cancer. In general, it is good to:
  1. a)avoid sunbathing
  2. b)wear protective clothing and a hat when you walk under the sun
  3. c)avoid sun exposure between 10 am and 4 pm
  4. d)Apply a protective sunscreen (20 index, at least) – renew it every two hours and after swimming.

    Skin Cancer Survival Rates

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