Small Cell Lung Cancer Survival Rates

Sad to say it, but small cell lung cancer prognosis is always bad; 4% – 6% of people diagnosed with small cell lung cancer survive 5 years after diagnosis. People diagnosed with an advanced small-cell lung can survive 6-12 months even if the disease is well treated. If left untreated, the cancer will kill its victim within 4 months.

Therefore, your survival chance depends greatly on the stage of the cancer when it is diagnosed. Earlier the tumor is detected, better is its prognosis. Unfortunately, small cell lung cancer is often diagnosed at an advanced stage; approximately, 70% of small-cell lung cancers are diagnosed when the tumor has already spread into other organs of the body.

Note: Cancer prognosis is a matter of statistics, you’re not condemned to suffer the same fate as the others. You are unique, and you have a large role to play in your recovery. Some patients not only survive but also completely heal from lung cancer after being given months to live. Be among that small group!

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