Squamous Cell Carcinoma Stages

In general, squamous cell carcinoma develops in three stages:

  • Stage I – at stage 1, the cancer remains superficially in the tissue where it originates. Your chance of surviving is very high
  • Stage II – a stage 2 squamous cell carcinoma has infiltrated deeply into the tissue of the skin, and it is associated with a high risk of recurrence in cases of limited surgery. Loco-regional invasion may also occur, particularly in the pelvis. In addition, the cancer may have affected the bone tissue surrounding the tumor.
  • Stage III – at this stage, the cancer has become more aggressive with high risk of lymph node metastases; your survival chance decreases significantly. Without a prompt and effective treatment, the cancer can travel through the bloodstream to form other tumor in surrounding or distant sites: lungs, liver, brain or bone.

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