Testicular Cancer Risk Factors

The exact cause of testicular cancer is not well known, but several factors are suspected in the development of the disease. Most common factors that may increase your chance of having testicular cancer include:

  • Age – testicular cancer is more common among men aged 15 to 34 years old, and is very rare before age 15 and after age 50.
  • Race – Testicular cancer is more common among white men than those of African origin.
  • HIV/Aids – risk of testicular cancer is higher among victims of HIV/Aids.
  • Family history – if your family members have a history of testicular cancer, you have an increased risk of having it.  
  • Testicular atrophy – a decrease in the testes volume, especially after mumps or after a trauma, appears to increase the risk of testicular cancer significantly.
  • Ectopic or undescended testicle – an undescended testicle (one or both testicles fail to move
    into the scrotum before birth) in childhood is considered as the greatest risk factor of testicular cancer.


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