The End of Cancer for 2030

December 18, 2014– While most cancer researchers have predicted that by 2030 the incidence of cancer would be double, a very known health specialist, Dr. Laurent Alexandre, announced in a book he has just published that cancer would end by about 15 years from now, 2030. This prediction is not believed by most other scientists such as Professor Agnes Buzyn, specialist in hematology,transplantation and tumor immunology.

In his latest book entitled “La défaite du cancer” (“The defeat of cancer”) Dr.  Alexandre Laurent has clearly declared that gene therapy will overcome this now fearful disease by about fifteen years. While some call him a visionary, Dr. Laurent remains very confident about his idea but claims to be misunderstood by the public. He expressed it in the following comment during an interview:

“I wrote two articles in “le Monde” (“the World”) on the genetics of cancer. And when I found out, thereactions of people, they did not understand anything, I thought it would be nice to do somepedagogy. To tell the story of the fight against cancer, how it was discovered that it was a DNA disease, but not a hereditary disease. Because in terms of causality cancer is only 15% genetic and 85% environmental or hazardous origin, with later mutations at birth. Hence the importance of prevention – diet, lifestyle – which remains and will always remain the best anti-cancer treatment.”

When questioned, Dr. Laurent explained the end of cancer will be the capacity of health professionals to control the disease, together with patients. He compared cancer to AIDS which well controlled today: “Attention cancer control, it’s not the end of cancer! This is how cancer in 2030 what AIDStoday: a very unpleasant chronic disease, but will not be fatal, with a life expectancy almost identical to that of non-sufferers.”

While one must be optimist about an effective cancer treatment with less side effects and better results, it is important to keep in mind that Cancer is a very complicated disease. It is difficult toimagine a theoretically absolute or complete victory over it, although success is achievable throughtargeted therapy, healthy diet and lifestyle, and a better understanding of the mechanisms of the disease. Having certain knowledge of cancer will help each individual to take necessary steps, thus to prevent the disease at first place.

The eradication of cancer, one of the fearful diseases of our modern time, would be one of the greatest victory humanity would ever know. It is possible. The first step in this process is for health professionals teach or encourage patients to eat healthy: consuming plenty of non-GMO fruits and vegetables, and avoiding fast/processed foods as much as possible. Please visit our cancer preventionsection for complete information on different prevention methods.

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