Top Cancer Symptoms in Both Men and Women

Cancer develops in people when cells which were previously healthy and normal become abnormal and exhibit uncontrolled growth.  This problem can originate in almost every part of the body.  And if left untreated, it can cause serious problems for the person who is suffering from the disease.  It has been shown that the ability to diagnose and treat different kinds of cancer in the earliest stages will provide for the best chances of a complete recovery and cure.  So it is very important to understand many of the important symptoms which may be associated with a wide variety of cancer types. These tend to also affect both men and women.  So let’s review some of the very important symptoms which should necessitate medical follow-up should they arise.

  • A persistent cough or saliva which contains blood may be cause for serious concern and follow-up with a doctor.  If the symptoms last more than a month and if you find that blood is contained with mucous which gets expelled when you cough, this may indicate the presence of lung cancer.  So seek immediate medical attention to check into this further.
  • A change in bowel habits which last for more than a few days may be an area of concern.  This is especially true if you begin to see thin pencil like stools or if the stool contains blood.
  • Anemia which cannot be explained is also cause for concern.  There should be no reason for a person to become anemic unless something was happening out of the ordinary.  It is a very good idea to seek medical attention to check into the cause.
  • The presence of a lump in the breast or an unusual discharge from the breast may indicate a bigger problem.  Keep in mind that both men and women can develop these kinds of problems and they should not be ignored or overlooked.
  • A change in urination is an important sign.  More frequent urination or difficulty in urinating may indicate the presence of a tumor which may be blocking the flow of urine.  This is true in both men and women.
  •  Blood in the urine can certainly be caused by a urinary infection or kidney stones.  However it can just as easily be caused by cancer of the bladder or kidney so the appearance of this symptom needs to be investigated thoroughly and immediately.
  • Hoarseness in the voice which persists for several weeks and does not appear to be related to a respiratory infection can be indicative of a larger problem.  Seek medical attention for further diagnosis.
  • And while the presence of persistent lumps or swollen glands in the area of the lymph nodes may be caused by a benign cyst, it has the potential to be caused by some type of cancer which may have spread to the lymph nodes.  Get it checked out.
  • Be alert to any changes in a wart or a mole.  These features should remain the same so if you see any changes in size, color or shape this could indicate the onset of melanoma.  Swift diagnosis and treatment are essential here.
  • And unexpected weight loss or appetite is not a normal situation.  It has the potential to be caused by progressive cancer which can affect many aspects of normal bodily functions and rob it of important nutrients which can cause the weight loss.

It is very important to stay attuned to any changes in bodily function.  Many symptoms are very subtle and may not arise until the cancer has progressed to later stages.  However stay alert and seek regular medical checkups to minimize the risk of unchecked growth of type of cancer.

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