Top Cancer Symptoms in Men

Of the many types of cancer, there are a number of them which tend to strike men either exclusively or in greater proportion.  And while many types of cancer can unfortunately develop and grow without much bodily changes, there are still many things which can occur in the early stages of a cancer which affects men.  If a person develops cancer they have the best opportunity for a full recovery if the cancer is diagnosed and treated in the early stages.  So it is vitally important to review some of the top cancer symptoms in men to provide some early warning signs for further evaluation and diagnosis.  So let’s review some of them as follows:

  • Although the development of breast cancer in men is normally very rare, it can still occur.  This is why it is very important to notice any changes in breast mass.  In addition be alert to changes in the skin around the nipples or changes to the nipples themselves.  These do not normally change unless it is indicative of a more serious problem.
  • Although most men experience various aches and pains at one time or another, the emergence of persistent pain which does not go away may point to a larger problem.  As cancer grows within the body, it tends to affect many parts of the body and can cause pain in different areas.  Stay alert to these changes and don’t ignore pain which remains persistent.
  • Any lumps or unusual masses in the testicles should be cause for further study and evaluation by a medical professional.  It is recommended that a self-exam of the testicles be performed monthly to see if there are any changes or presence of lumps or masses.
  • Changes in lymph nodes without the presence of infection should not normally occur.  If this is case it is advisable to seek further diagnosis from your doctor to isolate the cause.
  • Persistent fever which does not go away and appears to arise for no apparent reason is not normal.  While some fevers may be the result of a minor illness or infection, this type of persistent fever warrants further investigation.
  • Unusual or unexpected weight loss may be of concern.  This should not normally occur and it may be caused by advancing cancer which is robbing the body of essential nutrients.  This can cause the body to lose weight without changes in diet or exercise.
  • If you find that you are experiencing both abdominal pain and depression at the same time, this may be of serious concern.  It has been found through careful study that this linkage can be directly associated with the development of pancreatic cancer.  This may be especially true if these symptoms are accompanied by a change in stool color, darkening of urine and itching of the entire body for no apparent reason.
  • An unusual and persistent amount of fatigue may point the development of cancer in one part or parts of the body.  As the cancer grows it can rob the body of essential nutrients.  In addition it can cause a person to become anemic which results in serious fatigue and sluggishness.
  • A chronic and persistent cough which does not go away even after several weeks may be related to onset of lung cancer or another type of cancer.  If you experience this problem, consult with your doctor.  He will most likely schedule a chest x-ray and other diagnostic tests to check into the cause of this symptom.
  • It is not normal for a person to have difficulty swallowing for no good reason.  So if you experience this problem, it may be related to the onset of esophageal cancer.  See your doctor and have him schedule the appropriate tests for further evaluation and diagnosis.

When it comes to early identification and diagnosis of cancer, pay close attention to these signs and other top cancer symptoms for men.  Therefore the presence of these symptoms should be taken very seriously and followed up with your doctor for further testing and diagnosis.  It can mean the difference between fast and effective treatment to completely eliminate the threat of cancer or a situation which is much more life threatening and devastating to the cancer sufferer and his loved ones.

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