Types of Throat Cancer

Depending on the types of cells involved, a throat cancer can be named:

  • Nasopharyngeal cancer – a cancer that arises in the upper part of the throat behind the nose.
  • Laryngopharyngeal cancer – also called hypopharyngeal cancer, laryngopharyngeal cancer is a type of throat cancer that begins in the hypopharynx, the bottom part of the throat, above the esophagus and windpipe (a tube-like portion of the respiratory tract that connects the larynx with the bronchial parts of the lungs).
  • Oropharyngeal cancer – a cancer that begins in the middle portion of the throat behind the mouth, and includes:
  1. a)the back one-third of the tongue
  2. b) the soft palate
  3. c) the side and back walls of the throat
  4. d) And the tonsils.
  • Glottic cancer – the formation of cancer cells begins in the glottis, the middle portion of the throat (larynx), precisely in the area where the vocal cords are located.
  • Supraglottic cancer – a type of throat cancer develops in the larynx above the glottis.
  • Subglottic cancer – in this type of throat cancer, the formation of cancer cells begins in the lower part of the throat (larynx) just below the vocal cords down to the top of the trachea, which takes air to the lungs.  

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