Vaginal Cancer Stages

Once the cancer is detected in your vagina, it is necessary that your doctor knows its stage so that he can determine the most appropriate treatment to combat it. In addition, knowing the stage of the cancer gives your doctor an idea of the prognosis.

Vaginal cancer includes the following stages:

  • Carcinoma in situ – also called stage 0, carcinoma in situ indicates the genesis of the cancer cells on the first layer of the vaginal wall.
  • Stage I – the cancer is confined to the vaginal wall.
  • Stage II – the cancer may have spread to paravaginal tissue, but has not spread into the pelvic wall.
  • Stage III – the cancer has spread to the pelvic wall: nearby lymph nodes or the pelvic wall, or both.
  • Stage IV A – the cancer has spread to distant sites of the vagina or rectum, bladder or pelvis.
  • Stage IVB – the cancer has metastasized into distant sites such as the lungs.

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