Your Sitting Position Can Affect Your Libido

October 06, 2014 – Libido is a sexual desire that causes a person to have a feeling to have sex. People can have lack or excess of libido. However, in most cases, it is a feeling of low sex drive (low sexual desire) that raises problems. This is a serious issue in the life of a great majority of individuals worldwide. It affects both men and women.

The root of the “low libido” can be biologically, psychological, situational and others.

Sexual desire depends on secretion of hormones (androgens) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which controls involuntary activity of organs, vessels, nerves and more. Hypoactive sexual desire occurs during activation of the nervous system or in case of decrease in androgen secretion defect.

The best way to prevent a drop in libido in its origin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and happy marriage (for married couples). It is necessary to give importance and time to sexuality as well as talking with your partner about it. Romance is a great tool to keep low sex drive away. However, when the decrease in desire is linked to an underlying disease, treatment options are those of the disease first.

According to a global study, about 15% of men suffer from occasional low sexual desire. Only 3% of men suffer from a total lack of libido. 21% of women suffer in turn to a decrease or lack of sexual desire. The feeling can be temporary or permanent due a major health problem or medical condition such as cancer. But sometimes, the cause can be very minor.

Would you think the way you sit on sofa or else can be a signal of your libido health?

Adopting bad postures during sitting are not healthy. This behavior can affect your libido. That’s what a recent study published in the scientific journal by the Health Psychology team.

Researchers conducted a study of 74 people in New Zealand. Participants were divided into two groups: the first tested the slouching position (slouching posture), the other upright sitting posture. Through numerous tests, the scientists measured the heart rate and blood pressure of individuals. The results of the study showed that participants who adopt the upright posture exhibit greater self-esteem, improved libido and better mood. They also had less fear than others.

“Adopt an upright posture helps maintain a good level of self-esteem reduces negative mood and increases positive moods over the slouched posture. In addition, standing straight increases the rate of speech and reduces the focus on oneself. Sitting and standing straight would be a simple behavioral strategy to fight against stress, “explained the authors of study authors.

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